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Telephone Number

  1. These systems will give you an account number, which in many cases includes the telephone number of the phone from which you are calling. (Web site)


  1. Knowing the bank account number he now recovers that part of the pad used to encrypt it (by simply XORing the known account number to the ciphertext). (Web site)

User Id

  1. If you are implementing FTP accounting, enter a user ID and account number to be used for overhead accounting. (Web site)

Account Number

  1. A caller calls the bank's IVR lines, enters an account number, and receives information such as account balance, last check cleared, etc.
  2. Initially, we will ask you for information about your Mortgage, including your account number and social security number. (Web site)
  3. Tapes use the sequential access method (SAM), which keeps records in order by a key field such as account number. (Web site)


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