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  1. ACRE - A measure of land equaling 43,560 square feet; 4,840 square yards; 160 square rods.
  2. An acre is an English unit of area, which is also frequently used in the United States and some Commonwealth countries. (Web site)
  3. Acre was captured by the Mamluks in 1291, eliminating the crusader presence in the east. (Web site)
  4. Acre was captured on June 17, 1291 after a bloody siege; those who were unable to flee were executed, and the city was entirely destroyed.
  5. Acre : The standard land term.


  1. He never appeared in Acre but sent a representative, who, like Frederick II's representatives before him, was rejected by the nobles of Outremer.
  2. Guy was sold the Kingdom of Cyprus, after Richard had captured the island on the way to Acre, as compensation.
  3. Instead, Richard sold Guy the island of Cyprus, which he had conquered on his way to Acre.


  1. As you contemplate a move to or within this area of Northeastern Wisconsin, Century 21 Acre Realty is here to help you. (Web site)
  2. Uninterrupted sea views on one acre private lot.
  3. Antelope Acre Estates - 10-acre ranchland tracts for sale in the high desert.
  4. Almost a half acre corner lot with full irrigation system front and back.
  5. Qalawun was followed by his son Khalil in 1290, who captured the Christian port of Acre, razed the Crusaders ' castles and drove them to Cyprus. (Web site)

Acre But

  1. He landed at Acre but retired after concluding a truce.
  2. The Kingdom of Acre For the next hundred years, the Kingdom of Jerusalem clung to life as a tiny kingdom hugging the Syrian coastline.
  3. He landed at Acre but retired the following year after concluding a truce. (Web site)


  1. Pine Cay is an 800 acre privately owned island minutes from the main hub of Providenciales.
  2. This 21 acre property is across the bay from Puntarenas behind San Lucas Island.
  3. The 20 acre parcel contains some of the highest quality Garry Oak savannah community on San Juan Island, according to the Land Bank.


  1. Richard, sick, disgusted, and despondent, retired to Acre, and thought of returning to England. (Web site)
  2. As the crusaders occupied Acre, Leopold of Austria was insulted when Richard had his flag taken down.
  3. The victory was tainted, however, when Richard and Duke Leopold of Austria quarreled over the spoils of Acre and left Leopold feeling cheated.
  4. After the wedding, Berengaria followed Richard to Holy Land, and stayed in Acre with Joanna. (Web site)


  1. The five acre parcel on Roche Harbor Road is located at the outflow of the Beaverton Valley Marsh.
  2. The Medina Foundation is selling a 1,578 acre parcel of land on Orcas Island which includes Turtleback Mountain.


  1. An acre is 160 square poles. (Web site)
  2. What is the square footage of an acre of land assuming all four sides are equal in length.

Teutonic Knights

  1. The heirs sold in 1220 the seigneury to the Teutonic Knights, who used the place near Acre as their fortress in Outremer.
  2. The Commune of Acre was able to relieve the siege of Beirut, but in John-s absence from Cyprus, the supporters of the Lusignans took control.
  3. In 1100 Godfrey was able to impose his authority over Acre, Ascalon, Arsuf, Jaffa, and Caesarea.
  4. Later, a third, purely German group became the order of the Teutonic Knights with headquarters at Acre (they word black crosses on white). (Web site)

Acre Measure

  1. Acre A measure, usually of land, equal to 160 sq.
  2. Acre Measure of land area containing 43,560 square feet. (Web site)

Louis Spent

  1. It was a failure and Louis spent much of the crusade living at the court of the Crusader kingdom in Acre.
  2. Following his release from Egyptian captivity, Louis spent four years in the crusader Kingdoms of Acre, Caesarea, and Jaffe.

Against Saladin

  1. Richard had kept 2700 Muslim prisoners as hostages against Saladin fulfilling all the terms of the surrender of the lands around Acre. (Web site)
  2. King Guy de Lusignan was captured at Hattin, but ransomed, and he continued his kingdom at Acre, which was reconquered by the Crusaders on July 12, 1191. (Web site)
  3. Conrad and Guy did however ally against Saladin at the Battle of Acre, the resulting siege lasting two years.

Royal Control

  1. There were also a number of independent seigneuries, and some land held under direct royal control, such as Jerusalem itself, Acre, and Tyre.
  2. It passed in and out of royal control until 1221, and passed to the Ibelin family around 1250, until the fall of Acre in 1291.

Christian Stronghold

  1. In 1289 Tripoli fell to the Muslims, and in 1291 Acre, the last Christian stronghold, followed. (Web site)
  2. The original goal of the crusade was to relieve the beleaguered Christian stronghold of Acre, but Louis had been diverted to Tunis. (Web site)


  1. She appeared at Acre, now erupting into virtual war between the Venetians, Pisans, and Knights Templar and the Genoese, Spanish, and the Hospitallers.
  2. Under the citadel and prison of Acre, archeological excavations revealed a complex of halls, which was built and used by the Hospitallers Knights. (Web site)

Around Acre

  1. It was created around 1176 when Joscelin married Agnes of Milly, and was formed from royal land around Acre.
  2. The Kingdom of Jerusalem, founded in 1099, lasted until 1291, when the city of Acre fell. (Web site)
  3. The German contingent, already decimated by the Turks, merged (1148) with the French, who had fared only slightly better, at Acre (Akko). (Web site)
  4. In 1216 was named Bishop of Acre and was heavily involved in the Fifth Crusade, participating in the siege of Damietta from 1218 to 1220.
  5. Al Harawi convinces Arthaud that he is needed for piloting the ship to St. Jean d'Acre. (Web site)


  1. After a short stop in Cyprus, Edward arrived in Acre with thirteen ships. (Web site)
  2. The failure of Louis IX to capture Tunis in the Eighth Crusade led Prince Edward of England to sail to Acre in what is known as the Ninth Crusade.


  1. The Mamluk sultans Khalil and Baibars eventually reconquered all the remaining crusader strongholds, culminating in the destruction of Acre in 1291.
  2. From their bases in Cyprus and Acre, Edward and Charles managed to attack Baibars' interior lines and break the siege.
  3. Qalawun was followed by his son Khalil in 1290, who captured the Christian port of Acre, razed the Crusaders ' castles and drove them to Cyprus. (Web site)

Kingdom Moved

  1. This lordship seems to have been created after the centre of the kingdom was moved to Acre, and held some influence under Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor.
  2. After the kingdom moved to Acre, coronations took place in Tyre.

St Thomas

  1. From the 14th century on, they were headquartered in London at the Hospital of St Thomas of Acre.
  2. According to Pope Gregory IX this was done thanks to the indulgence of the existing canons of the Hospital of St Thomas in Acre. (Web site)


  1. The native crusader barons set about rebuilding their kingdom from Acre and the other coastal cities.
  2. Guy of Lusignan, who had been refused entry to Tyre by Conrad, began to besiege Acre in 1189.
  3. With the fall of Antioch ( 1268), Tripoli ( 1289), and Acre ( 1291) the last traces of the Christian occupation of Syria disappeared.
  4. Philip left in 1191 after the Crusaders had recaptured Acre from the Muslims.
  5. The Principality was destroyed by Saladin in 1187, although the title was used by the heirs of the titular kings of Jerusalem in Acre afterwards.


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