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  1. ALCOVE is a feedforward network with three layers of nodes.
  2. The alcove is a sort of glazed balcony projecting over one of the great City Ways.
  3. Each alcove is a half-moon of posh benches encircling a rectangular table bearing a special built-in dragonchess board.
  4. In an alcove is a statue of Kali, the Hindu goddess with whom Ma is closely associated, surely one of the most garish and exotic of all religious icons.


  1. Each guest kneels in front of the tokonoma (alcove) and looks reverently at the kakemono.

Scroll Alcove

  1. The main areas of tea rooms and tea houses have tatami floors, and the scroll alcove in tea rooms often has a tatami floor as well.


  1. It is a raised alcove in which art is displayed, usually a hanging scroll and a flower arrangement.


  1. A niche or an alcove in a Japanese home for displaying a flower arrangement, kakemono, or other piece of art.

Sliding Doors

  1. On a shelf in the other alcove is a very valuable cabinet with sliding doors, on which peonies are painted on a gold ground.

Category Learning

  1. Kruschke, J. K. (1992). ALCOVE: An exemplar-based connectionist model of category learning.


  1. On the left side of the alcove is a round cedar post (tokobashira), important to tearoom architecture.


  1. The alcove studio is a studio with an alcove that can be used for sleeping or dining.


  1. A studio with an alcove that has a window, with enough room for a bed, is called a junior 3.
  2. Inside the Teahouse The room is devoid of any decoration except for an alcove called a tokonoma.


  1. The compact high efficiency upflow gas furnace may be installed free standing in a utility room, basement, or enclosed in an alcove or closet.


  1. The tokonoma (or decorative alcove) is considered one of four elements found in the main hall of a samurai residence whose function is that of display.


  1. A tokonoma (Japanese: 床の間) is a small raised alcove in a washitsu, a Japanese style room with a tatami floor, where decorative scrolls are hung.
  2. It is traditionally displayed in the tokonoma alcove of a room especially designed for the display of prized objects.
  3. Note the ink paintings on the sliding doors, the tokonoma alcove with the hanging scroll and vase, and the (covered) fireplace set into the floor.


  1. Scrolls, often written by famous calligraphers or Buddhist monks, are hung in the tokonoma (scroll alcove) of the tea room.

Living Room

  1. JUNIOR OR CONVERTIBLE This is an apartment with an alcove off of the living room which can be converted into a bedroom or used for dining.

Dining Area

  1. Alcove The area next the living room space that can be used as a dining area or be divided or closed off to make a bedroom, den, or office.
  2. Junior A unit with a very large alcove next to the living room that can be converted to a bedroom, or that can be utilized as a dining area.


  1. Important rooms are provided with a tokonoma, an alcove for the display of a flower arrangement and a few carefully chosen objects of art.
  2. In a Japanese room, an alcove with a low platform, used for the display of a flower arrangement and hanging scroll or other art objects.
  3. Scrolls, often written by famous calligraphers, Buddhist monks, tea masters or iemotos are hung in the tokonoma (alcove) of the tea room.


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