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  1. Alexander Anderson is a very complex person.
  2. Alexander Anderson is a master of combat.
  3. Alexander Anderson, the "Surfaceman," will always hold a high place among the minor poets of Scotland.
  4. Alexander Anderson was recognized by the first decades of the nineteenth century as this country's preeminent illustrator.
  5. ALEXANDER ANDERSON (1775-1870) is known as the first American wood engraver.

Alexander Anderson

  1. Paladin Alexander Anderson was sent by the Iscariot Organization to eliminate the vampires in England.
  2. This is what makes Jane Pomeroy's bibliography of Alexander Anderson so special a contribution to understanding the history of early American illustration.
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  4. However, in the anime, Episode 3:"Sword Dancer", Paladin Alexander Anderson 's actions are vaguely relativist.
  5. Paladin Alexander Anderson is one of the most prized agents of the secret Vatican sect - Section 13, the Iscariot Organization.


  1. This layout features Alexander Anderson from the anime series Hellsing.
  2. There is also Alexander Anderson, the over the top Catholic priest and Iscariot agent fixated on killing Alucard.
  3. There is some great layout work and on Alexander Anderson which uses innovative lighting tricks to convey his fanatic, predatory nature.
  4. I personally had never imagined Alexander Anderson, the Catholic vampire hunter from the Vatican, as Scottish, but oddly enough it works really well.

Last Check

  1. Alexander Anderson - Alexander is a priest and is out to destroy any and all vampires.
  2. Last check: 2007-11-03) Alexander Anderson is the crazy Regenerator the Iscariot drums up in the anime Hellsing.
  3. Last check: 2007-11-03) In their way isn't only fake vampires, but St. Victoria's church assassin, Alexander Anderson, and other head V-Chip vampires.


  1. Alexander Anderson appears as a calm and collected priest; he works at an orphanage in the manga and acts very kindly towards the children under his care.
  2. Paladin Alexander Anderson appears as a warrior priest.
  3. Alexander Anderson carries an obsession for what appears to be his crusade, and compulsively quotes passages of The Holy Bible as he speaks.


  1. This three volume, comprehensive bibliography focuses on the important American wood engraver, Alexander Anderson; 1775-1870.
  2. Illustrated with engravings by Alexander Anderson, the father of white-line wood engraving in America.


  1. The early history Of Alexander Anderson is largely unknown, such as when he joined Iscariot or what his childhood like was like.

Remarkable Man

  1. Christian News.—Apart from his poetic genius, Alexander Anderson is a very remarkable man.


  1. For the Scottish poet, see Alexander Anderson (poet) For the anime and manga character, see Alexander Anderson (hellsing).

University President

  1. For the Irish physicist and university president, see Alexander Anderson (physicist).


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