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  1. Ali Landry is one of the hottest girls on the planet.
  2. Ali Landry is also a former Miss USA. Click download and enjoy this very hot Ali Landry free screensaver on your desktop within minutes.
  3. Ali Landry is a former Miss USA. High quality free screensaver of the beautiful Ali Landry.
  4. Ali Landry is a model and actress.
  5. Ali Landry is a 13 to me on a scale to 10.

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  1. The gorgeous Ali Landry is a model and actress, having hosted Spy TV, and acting in the sitcom, Eve.
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  3. Doritos' sales have increased since Ali Landry started appearing in the ad campaign. (Web site)
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Ali Landry

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  5. Although forever to be 'that Doritos girl,' Ali Landry is a model, actress and TV host in the US. Here she is in a super lace-up leather top and trousers.

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  1. Ali Landry (born July 21, 1973) is a model and actress best known as the 1996 Miss USA, as the contestant Miss Louisiana.
  2. Ali Landry continued her education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, which now is the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  3. Extractions: Ali Landry was Miss Louisiana and Miss USA in 1996 and you may recognize her from the laundromat in the TV commercial for Doritos 3D snacks. (Web site)


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  4. Playing the bride is ali landry who walks on the long carpet to meet her groom.
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  1. The Kate (Ali Landry) of the title is a .
  2. Kate (played by the hot Ali Landry - who does not get naked by the way) is a journalist doing a story on The Replicator.


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Miss Usa

  1. As a Hollywood makeup artist for the likes of Kelly Hu, Ali Landry and Maria Menounos, Gail worked her way up to Dept.
  2. Ali Landry (born July 21, 1973) is a model and actress best known as the 1996 Miss USA.
  3. Ali Landry: Biography and Much More from Ali Landry was named Miss USA of 1996 and later went on to co-host the TV series America's .


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