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  1. Alopecia universalis is probably a chronic autoimmune disorder, curable with replacement of the immune system with an allogeneic HSCT. (Blood. (Web site)
  2. Alopecia universalis is a medical disorder in which the afflicted are unable to grow hair on the entire body. (Web site)
  3. Alopecia universalis is the most severe form of alopecia areata and manifests itself as a complete loss of all body hair.
  4. Alopecia universalis is defined as absence of all of hair, not only on the scalp, but also on the entire body.
  5. In alopecia universalis, a person suffers from hair loss, in patches, all over the body.


  1. Alopecia universalis: All hair on the scalp is lost, along with hair on the eyebrows, eyelashes, and all other parts of the body.

Complete Remission

  1. Complete remission of alopecia universalis after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. (Web site)

Treatment Strategies

  1. Trachyonychia can be associated with alopecia universalis although the treatment strategies of both conditions differ.

Standard Treatment

  1. There is no standard treatment for alopecia universalis.

Autoimmune Disorder

  1. Alopecia universalis can occur at any age, and is currently believed to be an autoimmune disorder.

Entire Body

  1. Alopecia Universalis: An autoimmune disease that results in the complete loss of all hair over the entire body, including eyelashes and eyebrows. (Web site)

Alopecia Totalis

  1. This article focuses on some of the most rapid and devastating types of Alopecia, namely Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis.

Scalp Hair

  1. Only 7% of people with alopecia areata progress to total scalp hair loss, or alopecia universalis. (Web site)

Body Hair

  1. Alopecia totalis involves the complete loss of all scalp hair, and alopecia universalis is characterized by the complete loss of all scalp and body hair.

Alopecia Areata

  1. This article should give you a good understanding of Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis.
  2. Alopecia UK provides information, advice and support for people with experience of alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis. (Web site)

Alopecia Universalis

  1. Hair loss from the entire body, including the eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair, is alopecia universalis. (Web site)
  2. Alopecia may also occur as alopecia totalis with complete loss of scalp hair or as alopecia universalis with total loss of all body hair. (Web site)


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