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  1. American Elf is a diary in webcomic form, created by James Kochalka.
  2. American Elf is the daily online comic strip diary of award-winning cartoonist James Kochalka.
  3. American Elf is the daily online comic strip diary by award-winning writer and artist James Kochalka.
  4. American Elf is syndicated online as part of Webcomics Nation.
  5. American Elf is also available in a series of softcover books published by Top Shelf using the Sketchbook Diaries title.

Journal Comics

  1. American Elf: James Kochalka's journal comic obviously covers his life, as journal comics are wont to do. (Web site)

Book Form

  1. Collected in book form, the scope of American Elf is amazing.


  1. The second book in the series is American Elf Book 2, a 192-page paperback released in 2007.


  1. It's definitely more interesting to read through American Elf in one sitting. (Web site)


  1. The webcomic version of American Elf is subscription based.

American Elf

  1. I know people who think Maakies is a webcomic and who think that American Elf is a series of a comic books from Top Shelf.
  2. Super rockstar artist, James Kochalka, has opened his archives of American Elf for free.


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