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  1. Amerzone is a first-person adventure game much like Myst.
  2. Amerzone is an atmospheric adventure game produced by the French company Micro--ds.
  3. Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy is a first-person role-playing game in the style of Myst,.
  4. Amerzone is a short game, but full of unique creatures, modes of transportation and an original storyline based on Benoit Sokal's comic books.
  5. Amerzone is a game that requires great concentration and has puzzles that would challenge the most competent gamer.


  1. These later games contain some references to Amerzone and take place in the same fictional universe.
  2. Valenbois, the old explorer who lives in the lighthouse, stole the egg from a Central American tribe in a country called Amerzone.
  3. Puzzle solvers looking for a serious challenge will love Amerzone.
  4. I was glad to get on the way to Amerzone, finding the first level a tad colourless and boring.
  5. The 360 degree panning was excellent and reminded me of "Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time" although in all honesty the graphics are sharper in Amerzone.


  1. The places, concepts and some of the characters featured in Amerzone originates from Sokal's work in the 80's with the comic Inspecteur Canardo.
  2. Trivia L'Amerzone is based on a graphic novel by Benoit Sokal of the same title.
  3. Designed by Benoit Sokal and developed by Micro--ds, Amerzone, who'd later develop the critically-acclaimed Syberia and its sequel Syberia 2.
  4. Returning to France, nobody believed Alexandre or his journals about the Amerzone.

White Birds

  1. He had stolen the last egg of the famed white birds of the Amerzone.
  2. Your goal is to find the fabled egg of the legendary "White Birds" of the Amerzone, who are born to live and die in the sky without ever landing.


  1. Thus begins Ubisoft's new Myst -like adventure, Amerzone, a slow, quiet, satisfying gaming experience.
  2. Last check: 2007-10-25) Amerzone is a first-person adventure game much like Myst.


  1. Der Amerzone Spieler hat nun die Aufgabe das bl-hende Land vor dem endg-ltigen Chaos zu retten.
  2. He talks to you about the Amerzone and try to push you in a big adventure to repair the error he has done 50 years ago and he dies after taking to you.
  3. Die Produktion von Amerzone hat sich u.a.


  1. I give it two stars for fun, because I expected "Amerzone" to captivate me as "Syberia" did, and it failed utterly.
  2. I give "Amerzone" three stars overall because it's a decent game in its own right.
  3. Amerzone is contained on four CDs and has a Myst-like quality to it though it is not nearly as complex.
  4. With its great graphic quality, not to mention the depth of its story line, Amerzone will also appeal to gamers of all ages.


  1. Comment reviews: Amerzone is a really engaging game.
  2. AMERZONE reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences.


  1. Das Spiel "Amerzone" spielt in einer reinen Fantasiewelt, in einem anderen Universum.
  2. Die Neuver--ffentlichung enth--lt Amerzone zusammen mit Syberia (beide in DVD H--llen) in einem sch--n gestalteten Pappmantel (fast ein Sammlerst--ck).


  1. He pleads for you to take the egg back to the Amerzone to set things right, and consequently you set off on your journey.
  2. Created by Benoît Sokal and Microids who previously made Amerzone, Syberia is a beautifully crafted journey of discovery.
  3. No one outside of the Amerzone had ever seen such a bird, or its egg for that matter, and Valembois was extremely excited by his discovery.


  1. Da das einzige Ei mit dem Forscher nach Europa gelangte, steht das Land Amerzone vor dem Untergang.
  2. Ist dies erfolgt, gilt es die Reise nach Amerzone anzutreten.

Mysterious White

  1. A dying French explorer tells you to take a mysterious white egg back to its rightful tribe in the Amerzone.
  2. The old adventurer was originally a scientist who set out to the Amerzone in search of the mysterious white bird native to that region.


  1. Amerzone is worth the trip, believe me.
  2. The first thing that struck me about Amerzone was the beauty of the graphics, particularly the watercolours in Alexandre's journal.
  3. Once upon a time, three idealistic lads decided to take a trip to the Amerzone, a jungle in an undisclosed region.
  4. The Amerzone journal contains pen and ink sketches of the flora and fauna of the Amerzone, watercolours of important scenes, etc.
  5. Take a sacred egg back to where it belongs to put an end to the suffering the people of Amerzone have experienced since it was stolen.


  1. He begs you to take the egg and return to Amerzone in his stead, to right the wrong he feels he has caused.
  2. Amerzone: PIB PC Game Review He dies during your talk; his last request is that you undertake the journey for him to return the egg.


  1. From misty France to tropical Amerzone, it's quite beautiful and enjoyable.
  2. The game whisks you from Brittany in France to the far-off land of Amerzone, an imaginary Central American country ruled by a power-crazy dictator.
  3. Amerzone - from Amerzone whisks you from France to the far-off land of the imaginary Amerzone, located in Central America.
  4. He tells you that the Amerzone is a beautiful South American country with strange, never before seen flora and fauna.

Adventure Game

  1. Overall, Amerzone is a by-the-book adventure game that starts off well, but has trouble sustaining it's gameplay.
  2. In typical Adventure Game fashion, Amerzone concentrates on the solution of puzzles which, when solved, take you a little bit closer to the conclusion.


  1. Intrigued by the mystery, you embark on an adventure that will lead you through the Amerzone and bring you face to face with the secrets of the jungle.
  2. As the game progresses you will get further into Amerzone and learn its secrets.


  1. C'est de vous désormais que dépend la survie d'une espèce unique : les grands oiseaux blancs d'Amerzone.
  2. E noi proprio questo dobbiamo riuscire a fare: recuperare gli ingredienti per il rito ed officiarlo perch-- la vita nei cieli di Amerzone continui ancora.


  1. Amerzone is very simple, so it's not for those who are on the lookout for mindboggling puzzles.
  2. With attractive graphics, easy game-handling and complicated puzzles, you'll slip quickly and comfortably into the world of Amerzone.

Old Man

  1. Zoom in on the desk and pick up the old man's Amerzone journal.
  2. Our hero, on the request of a dying old man, sets out to the Amerzone (think Amazon) to return the egg of a "White Bird".


  1. But my favourite part was the animals, plant life, and insects of Amerzone.
  2. Amerzone offers four CDs of adventuring, no 3D acceleration, no multiplayer options, no mindless violence, and the chance to be nice to animals.


  1. I only encountered one native woman in the Amerzone, along with a guard and a priest, but you can definitely feel the presence of many, many others.
  2. Amerzone is becoming increasingly harder to find, and if you can find a copy and you enjoy games along the lines of Riven and Myst don't pass this one up.
  3. Amerzone uses immersion technology to give you 360- vision along with zoom-in and zoom-out possibilities.


  1. Amerzone is definitely worth picking up, and the bargain bin price only sweetens the deal.
  2. But the travelling sequences as you move further toward or into the Amerzone are worth watching.


  1. The Spanish village was a nice touch, as was the broadcast in Spanish by the Amerzone dictator.
  2. Walkthrough for Amerzone Amerzone is a very nice adventure.


  1. Amerzone | Cheats.RU - cheats, tips, hints, trainers.
  2. Amerzone cheat codes, Amerzone cheats, Amerzone codes, Amerzone wallpapers, walkthroughs, FAQs, guides and trainers.
  3. Complete walkthrough to Amerzone with tips and all the solutions.


  1. Amerzone is fun, but there are times that you need to go back and forth, back and forth, to accomplish a task.
  2. I have read several negative reviews of Amerzone, but after playing it several times these are my impressions.


  1. Sound effects are brilliant, especially nature sounds: birdcalls, hoots and groans from unknown species of the Amerzone.
  2. The audio track in AmerZone is always working hard provide background sounds to augment the visual tale unfolding on the screen.


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