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  1. Amoghavarsha was the son of Govinda III. He became king at the age of 13.
  2. Amoghavarsha is called Ashoka of south India.
  3. Amoghavarsha was a disciple of Jinasenacharya, the author of Mahapurana, and part author of the Dhavala.


  1. A revolt led by Vijayaditya II, of Vengi throne, temporarily overthrew the Rashtrakuta dynasty until 821 when Karakka reinstated Amoghavarsha.
  2. The same writing proves that Amoghavarsha I was a follower of the "Digambara" branch of Jainism.
  3. The mathematician Mahaviracharya wrote in his Ganita Sarasangraha, "The subjects under Amoghavarsha are happy and the land yields plenty of grain.
  4. The successor of Govinda III, Amoghavarsha I made Manyakheta his capital and ruled a large empire.
  5. Amoghavarsha I's empire had sixteen Rashtras.


  1. Kavirajamarga, a work on poetics in Kannada by Amoghavarsha I, shows that the study of poetry was popular in the Deccan during this time.
  2. During the rule of Khottiga Amoghavarsha, the Paramara King Siyaka Harsha attacked the empire and plundered Manyakheta, the capital of Rastrakutas.


  1. Widely seen as the most famous of the Rashtrakuta kings, Amoghavarsha I was an accomplished scholar in Kannada and Sanskrit.
  2. Amoghavarsha I was the most famous king of this dynasty and wrote Kavirajamarga, a landmark literary work in the Kannada language.
  3. The first available literary in Kannada is Kavirajamarga, written in the eighth century by Amoghavarsha Nrpatunga.


  1. More revolts occurred between 818 and 820, but by 821 Amoghavarsha I had overcome all resistance and established a stable kingdom to rule.
  2. The Bagumra records mention a "Sea of Chalukyas" invading the Ratta kingdom which Amoghavarsha I successfully defended.


  1. There were cases where woman supervised significant areas as when Revakanimaddi, daughter of Amoghavarsha I, administered Edathore Vishaya.
  2. Likewise, Amoghavarsha I maintained friendly interactions with the Pallava who were busy keeping the Pandyas at bay.
  3. Amoghavarsha I had friendly ties with The Pallava who were busy keeping the Pandyas at bay.


  1. Kavirajamarga earlier ascribed to king Amoghavarsha is a work on literary criticism and poetics.
  2. Amoghavarsha I espoused Jainism and there are five Jain cave temples at Ellora ascribed to his period.
  3. It is ascribed to early 9th century Rashtrakuta king Nripatunga Amoghavarsha I and famous Kannada poet Sri Vijaya Ponna of those times.


  1. Amoghavarsha's daughter married a Ganga prince in about 860.
  2. This has prompted historians to suggest that the Pallava king must have married Amoghavarsha I's daughter.


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