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  1. Andy Newmark is an American musician, best known as the drummer for influential funk band Sly & the Family Stone from 1973 to 1975. (Web site)

Andy Newmark

  1. For side two of the album I got Andy Newmark to play drums. (Web site)
  2. Gibson only remained with the band for a year before being replaced by Andy Newmark in 1973. (Web site)
  3. Andy Newmark Saxophone great Pat Rizzo approached a young drummer named Andy Newmark after a performance and invited him to audition with Sly Stone. (Web site)
  4. He was replaced with a succession of drummers until Sly settled upon Andy Newmark in 1973. (Web site)
  5. Andy Newmark went on to become a successful session drummer, playing with Roxy Music, B.B. King, Steve Winwood and others. (Web site)
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