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  1. Angular frequency (or angular speed) is the magnitude of the vector quantity angular velocity. (Web site)
  2. Angular frequency is measured in radians per second (s -1). (Web site)
  3. Angular frequency is therefore a simple multiple of ordinary frequency.
  4. The angular frequency is a constant of the motion.
  5. The angular frequency is most known in the simple harmonic motion equation (shm).

Angular Frequency Ω

  1. In physics (specifically mechanics and electrical engineering), angular frequency ω (also called angular speed) is a scalar measure of rotation rate.

Angular Frequency Squared

  1. For example, shear stiffness, angular frequency, or angular frequency squared. (Web site)

Angular Acceleration

  1. The power required for angular acceleration is the torque times the angular frequency.


  1. With one direction of rotation considered positive, the sign of the angular frequency indicates the direction of rotation.


  1. The angular frequency of this motion is 2 f, where f is the frequency. (Web site)

Angular Speed

  1. In physics angular velocity is the speed at which something rotates (its angular speed or angular frequency) together with the direction it rotates in.
  2. The magnitude of the angular velocity is the angular speed (or angular frequency) and is denoted by ω.


  1. The Fourier transform is often written in terms of angular frequency: ω = 2πξ whose units are radians per second. (Web site)
  2. Rotational power (in Watts) is torque (in Newton meters) times the angular frequency in radians per second (one full rotation is 2pi radians). (Web site)

Angular Frequency

  1. The reduced Planck constant is used when frequency is expressed in terms of radians per second (" angular frequency ") instead of cycles per second.
  2. In SI units, angular frequency is measured in radians per second, with units s −1 since radians are unitless.


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