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  1. Anita Bryant (born March 25, 1940, in Barnsdall, Oklahoma) is an American singer who made a series of television commercials for Florida orange juice.
  2. Anita Bryant was a fine singer in the 1960s, beside being a runnerup in Miss America 1958.
  3. Anita Bryant was a singer, beauty queen, and celebrity spokesperson who became best known for her work in favor of bigotry against gays and lesbians.
  4. Anita Bryant was a household name throughout the 70's as the world's most famous orange juice salesman.
  5. Anita Bryant is a good example on the other side.

First Season

  1. In several episodes of the first season of TV's Soap, the gay character of Jodie Dallas refers to Anita Bryant as an anti-gay reference.

Gay Rights

  1. Anita Bryant organized the first major opposition movement to gay rights in America, based on fundamentalist Christian values.


  1. Seven years later, in 1976, in Dade County, Florida, Anita Bryant led the first religious campaign against gay rights.


  1. After all, the equally dread Miss Anita Bryant is a leading interpreter of homosexual methods and practices.


  1. Homosexuals and conservative Christians are now prominent on the national stage, and Anita Bryant has disappeared from sight.

Household Name

  1. For many people today, Anita Bryant may not be a household name.


  1. Anita Bryant led a highly publicized campaign to repeal the ordinance.

Anita Bryant

  1. Gay bars all over North America took screwdrivers off their drink menus and replaced them with the "Anita Bryant", which was made with vodka and apple juice.
  2. ANITA BRYANT built her campaign on hatred and lies and succeeded in repealing a civil rights ordinance for gays in Miami's Dade County.


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