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  1. Ann Althouse is a law professor at the University of Wisconsin and writes the blog Althouse.
  2. Ann Althouse (born 1951) is an American law professor and blogger.
  3. And Ann Althouse is silent on the erosion of these pillars of freedom in American society.
  4. Prof. Ann Althouse is having fun ridiculing Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's efforts both before the press and before the Illinois Supreme Court.


  1. UPDATE: Ann Althouse says they're not luxury seats, they're anti-fat-people seats.

Ann Althouse

  1. Amazing as it may sound, Google actually thinks Ann Coulter and Ann Althouse are more important than Queen Anne or Saint Anne.
  2. Althouse Commentary concerning politics, law, and popular culture from Ann Althouse, a law professor.
  3. After posting the beta version of the census, I learned from Ann Althouse that there are three other blogs I didn’t list from Wisconsin law professors.


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