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  1. Anomalous cognition is a blanket term used to describe the transfer of information to a subject through means other than the 5 traditional senses.
  2. Anomalous cognition is a general term describing a transfer of information to a subject through currently unknown means.
  3. Anomalous cognition is a kind of umbrella phrase that includes all types of unconventional perception and unusual, but natural, abilities.
  4. Most anomalous cognition is somewhat understood in terms of theories of physics, but mysteries remain about it.

Original Article

  1. The original article was at Anomalous cognition.

Particular Form

  1. Even more precisely, it is now often referred to as anomalous cognition (AC). A particular form of intentional AC is known as Remote Viewing.

Physics Community

  1. Yet it is precisely to the physics community that these studies in anomalous cognition and anomalous perturbation should be most meaningful.


  1. Some researchers suspect that ESP and anomalous cognition are not unusual at all.
  2. Nothing is known about the physical mechanism of ESP, or anomalous cognition.


  1. This is the way of Nature that we are now discovering through quantum physics, research into anomalous cognition and other kinds of exploratory endeavors.
  2. Anomalous cognition and remote viewing also include research about the ability to understand time in unusual ways.


  1. Home page for CSL, science research lab for remote viewing, anomalous cognition, parapsychology.

Information Transfer

  1. Anomalous Cognition (AC) -- A form of information transfer in which all known sensorial stimuli are absent.


  1. An Assessment of the Evidence For Psychic Functioning Academic paper on the evidence for ESP, psychokinesis, anomalous cognition, telepathy and more.
  2. Along with telepathy, it is one of the two major forms of Anomalous Cognition (gaining information without the five senses).

Remote Viewing

  1. So, remote viewing and anomalous cognition are really not so anomalous or unusual after all.
  2. James Spottiswoode and Associates Papers, articles and experiments in parapsychology, remote viewing, anomalous cognition and more.

Anomalous Cognition

  1. Extra-sensory perception, also known as anomalous cognition, includes telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, and precognition.
  2. It is believed that the nature of quantum physics is such that, in some ways, things like anomalous cognition and remote viewing make perfect sense.


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