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  1. Answer Song is a very well-rounded and accessible book of autobiographical poetry that is so casual and contemporary it never seems like poetry.


  1. An answer song (or answer record) is, as the name suggests, a song (usually a recorded track) made in answer to a previous song by another artist. (Web site)

Wild Side

  1. Wells wasn't enamored of the tune, an answer song to Hank Thompson's hit “The Wild Side of Life,” but decided to take a chance on it.
  2. It was an answer song to Hank Thompson 's #1 hit at the time, "The Wild Side of Life". (Web site)

Answer Song

  1. Wells then released a series of major hits, including "Paying for That Back Street Affair" (1953, answer song to Webb Pierce 's "Back Street Affair").
  2. In 1958, Robinson met songwriter Berry Gordy, who co-wrote for them the single "Got a Job", an answer song to the Silhouettes' hit single "Get a Job".
  3. Gordy and his colleague Billy Davis had written a song called "Got a Job" as an answer song to "Get A Job", a recent hit by The Silhouettes.


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