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Apostolic Council

  1. The Apostolic Constitutions also reference an apostolic council in Antioch.

Apostolic Canons

  1. Apostolic constitutions, directions of a nature similar to the apostolic canons, and perhaps compiled by the same authors or author. (Web site)


  1. It is important for the fact that Apostolic constitutions are the highest form of Papal teaching, above encyclicals, and below dogmatization ex cathedra.


  1. We have, then, in Clement and Justin the picture of a Liturgy at least remarkably like that of the "Apostolic Constitutions". (Web site)

Apostolic Constitutions

  1. The later Apostolic Constitutions identify "Zacchaeus the Publican" as the first bishop of Caesarea (7.46).
  2. The Apostolic Church-Ordinances has used a part, the Apostolic Constitutions have embodied the Didascalia.
  3. The Syrian Church was the first to give it a friendly reception, presumably on the strength of its mention in the Apostolic Constitutions. (Web site)


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