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  1. Arctic Red River is the name of a tributary to the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
  2. The Arctic Red River is one of the longest navigable tributaries of the Lower Mackenzie River.

Arctic Red River

  1. Tsiigehtchic, formerly known as Arctic Red River, is a traditional community of about 200 people of Gwich'in descent.
  2. Arctic Red River (Tsiigehtchic) is a quiet community at the Dempster Highway ferry crossing.
  3. The first European to see the Arctic Red River was Alexander MACKENZIE, in 1789, but the Gwich'in have hunted and fished in the river for thousands of years.


  1. At its mouth are a post of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the village of Tsiigehtchic, formerly Arctic Red River.
  2. Arctic Red River, c.310 mi (500 km) long, rising in the Mackenzie Mts.
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  4. The goal of this Special Management Zone is for the non-degradation or maintenance of the high water quality of the Arctic Red River.
  5. We carried out limited testing in the settlement of Arctic Red River on July 28 and 29, and we returned to Inuvik the night of the 29th.


  1. The First Nations community of Tsiigehtchic is located at the confluence of the Mackenzie and the Arctic Red River, in the Northwest Territories, Canada.
  2. The Arctic Red River's headwaters are in the Mackenzie Mountains, from where it flows 500  km (300  mi) NW to its confluence with the Mackenzie.
  3. At its confluence with the Mackenzie is the village of Arctic Red River (Tsiig--htchic).
  4. The Arctic Red River carries large volume of sediments which are deposited to form the low bench of its confluence with the Mackenzie River.
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