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  1. Arthur Bradford is a McSweeney's favorite.
  2. Arthur Bradford is a great-great-great-grandson of department-store magnate Abraham Abraham.
  3. Arthur Bradford is a published short-story writer living in Austin.
  4. Arthur Bradford is a short story author.

Arthur Bradford

  1. Director Arthur Bradford is a counselor at the camp where this group met and has known each of these people for years.
  2. On the one hand, Arthur Bradford is a stand-up (if sorta cheesy) guy, who has worked with developmentally disabled people for years.
  3. Writer Arthur Bradford was born in Maine in 1969 and after his parents divorced, eventually moved to New York City in the early eighties.
  4. You may be surprised to discover that President Ike Eisenhower's brother's name was Arthur Bradford Eisenhower.
  5. Arthur Bradford: find the latest news, photos, filmography, awards and biography at MSN Movies.
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