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Aaron Copland

  1. Dickinson’s poetry has been used as texts for art songs by composers such as Aaron Copland, Nick Peros, and Michael Tilson Thomas. (Web site)

Large Collection

  1. There has been an urgent need for a large collection of art songs in Spanish for voice studios.

Opera Singers

  1. November 30, 2000 Here's a good CD to listen to while you're eating dinner Sometimes I wonder if it's altogether wise for opera singers to perform art songs.

Folk Songs

  1. One division is between " art songs", " popular songs", and " folk songs ".
  2. One division is between " art songs", " popular music songs", and " folk songs ".


  1. Art songs often approach the status of folk songs when people forget who the author was.


  1. Copland's earliest compositions before leaving for Paris were short works for piano and some art songs, inspired mostly by Liszt and Debussy.

Orchestral Works

  1. When he left school in 1882, he had already composed more than 140 works, including 59 lieder (art songs) and various chamber and orchestral works.


  1. Studying in Paris From 1917 to 1921, Copland composed juvenile works of short piano pieces and art songs. (Web site)


  1. Arthur Sullivan - Listing at the Lied and Art Songs Text Page with list of works linked to lyrics.

English Translations

  1. Léo Delibes (1836-1891) - Alphabetical list of art songs, some with French texts and a few with English translations. (Web site)
  2. The Lied and Art Songs Text Page: Franz Liszt - A list of vocal works linked to lyrics, many including English translations.
  3. Franz (Ferencz) Liszt Entry at the Lied and Art Songs Text Page with list of vocal works linked to lyrics, many including English translations. (Web site)


  1. Popular songs are songs which may be considered in between art songs and folk songs.
  2. By far art songs constitute the greatest number of works by Cui; these include a few vocal duets and many songs for children. (Web site)

Piano Pieces

  1. Price wrote other extended works for orchestra, chamber works, art songs, works for violin, organ anthems, piano pieces, and spiritual arrangements.
  2. He also wrote many Lieder (German art songs), and some piano pieces, choral works, and chamber music. (Web site)

Art Songs

  1. Art songs may be more formally complicated than popular or folk songs, though many early Lieder by the likes of Franz Schubert are in simple strophic form.
  2. The poem has been used as the text for lieder (art songs for voice and piano) by many classical composers; a list appears here.
  3. Glinka also composed many art songs, many piano pieces, and some chamber music.


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