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  1. The audience was reported to be impressed with his playing, thus beginning one of the outstandingly successful concert pianist careers of the period.
  2. The audience is then forced to abandon one form of suspension of disbelief (i.e.
  3. The audience is mainly first-year graduate students, and it is assumed that the reader has a good foundation in quantum mechanics.
  4. The audience was shocked by the primitive violence of the ballet.
  5. The audience was treated to a concert of film music "classics" conducted by Constantin Bakaleinikoff.


  1. Someone in the audience claimed that H. G. Wells used time as a fourth spatial dimension perpendicular to the other three in "The Time Machine".


  1. Argument By Personal Charm: getting the audience to cut you slack.
  2. An argument is a reason, or a series of reasons, offered as to why the audience should behave, believe, or think in a certain manner.
  3. To sway a red herring in an argument is to try to throw the audience off the right track onto something not relevant to the issue at hand.


  1. The news that Matt Simmons announced to the World Oil Conference, that the Burgan field is apparently in trouble, is beginning to reach a wider audience.
  2. At the beginning, Pier defined choreography for the audience as the movement of bodies through time and space.
  3. In most episodes of Columbo, the audience sees the crime unfold at the beginning and knows exactly who did it.


  1. Some independent promotions are attached to professional wrestling schools, serving as a venue for students to gain experience in front of an audience.
  2. In keeping with the aims of the BRICS Autumn School on Verification, I have in mind an audience of beginning Ph.D. students or newly-appointed RAs--i.e.
  3. Tension is what works in a drama to impel students to respond and take action and what works in a play to make the audience want to know what happens next.


  1. After all four have spoken the debate will be opened to the floor, in which members of the audience will put questions to the teams.
  2. It was 1991 and Noam Chomsky had just finished a lecture in Berkeley on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and was taking questions from the audience.
  3. During the 10-day cruise Buddy Morrow was interviewed by Herb Oscar Anderson with an audience of fans who posed a number of questions for Herb to ask Buddy.


  1. The date was special from the start, with producer Orrin Keepnews getting Rouse to say a few words to the audience about his time with Monk.
  2. The movements should interpret the words of the music, showing the audience the emotion of the particular piece.
  3. Later that night, during the concert, I, along with 750,000 in the radio audience heard Dizzy speak these same words himself.


  1. Magic Slim's Chicago and Jimmy Reed style blues pounded the audience into a frenzy as Slim went from song to song with equal enthusiasm.
  2. Another musical game is called Song Styles; in this game, a performer sings a song about an item or audience member in a style provided by the host.
  3. It’s like the Malibu version of Kid Rock’s “Picture.” I’d like to think that song could help expose our band to a completely different audience.


  1. Audience: Graduate students and researchers in mathematics and physics.
  2. An enthusiastic audience of about 110 students, faculty, researchers and librarians attended.
  3. Chapters are written at a tutorial level and are accessible to a wide audience, including researchers, programmers, and technical managers.


  1. Entries marked » are a blend of Concert and Social dance, where all participants are performers or audience at different times during the event.
  2. Unlike in theatre there is usually no audience, as LARPs are played for the satisfaction of the participants.
  3. For a community of its size, La Crosse boasts a remarkable arts scene for both participants and audience members, with over 30 active arts organizations.


  1. This way the sound has a more direct line from the first violins to the back of the stage where it can be then reflected to the audience.
  2. Homer mentions them in a way which shows that they were familiar to his audience.
  3. Eddie Lang introduced the guitar to a wider audience and forever changed the way that people listened to music.


  1. The myth that Messiaen's Quatour pour la Fin du Temps (Quartet for the end of Time)was premiered before an audience of 5000 prisoners of war is new to me.
  2. However, toward the end of the EVA, the TV audience got a glimpse of Armstrong running back from a brief visit to a crater 60 meters east of the spacecraft.
  3. At the end of the show, as fog settled over the audience in the arena, Clapton introduced Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, and Jimmie Vaughan.

General Audience

  1. Whiteman, Paul - American conductor who introduced symphonic jazz to a general audience and became known affectionately as the "King of Jazz".
  2. It is written for a general audience and uses little or no mathematics.
  3. In this literate and entertaining book, eminent naturalist David Rains Wallace brings the saga of ancient mammals to a general audience for the first time.


  1. The Pope said this today at the general audience, during which he reflected on several saints whose feastdays are celebrated in these weeks.
  2. Both were invited for an audience with the Pope in 1982, who gave the newly-established Americares the opportunity to give aid to Poland (157).
  3. At the end of the audience, the Pope started to give a Papal blessing to the child when Khrushchev's son said "no, it would not be proper - we are atheists".


  1. Furthermore, I was told that H. H. the Karmapa's General Secretary was among this group of people during their audience with H. H. the Dalai Lama.
  2. RESPECT MP George Galloway addressed an audience of more than 1,000 supporters as he urged Bolton to back a humanitarian aid appeal for the people of Gaza.
  3. When I look out at this audience, I see people of different political views.


  1. He won the attention of a broader audience after joining Mike Westbrook's Concert Band in time for the recording of a suite titled Release in 1968.
  2. When the play starts, the characters can be seen talking amongst themselves, paying no attention to the audience.
  3. After a short stint with Tiny Bradshaw, Fitzgerald was brought to the attention of Chick Webb by Benny Carter (who was in the audience at the Apollo).


  1. In due course, we will invite curators, critics and artists to attend, and the audience can also participate the discussion at any time.
  2. Audience members and critics alike raved about the program which mixed modern Spanish and World Beat music with traditional Flamenco dance forms.
  3. Critics say that modern swing music is played in a jump blues style & performed to an audience of dancers.


  1. Some critics and fans believed the band changed its musical direction to appeal to the mainstream audience.
  2. Band and audience collaborated yet again in a colossal work of art: individual pieces of art by fans were connected to a large piece of art by the band.
  3. The sound the microphone made caused some fans to think he shot someone, so Slash quickly told the audience, "He just slammed his mic on the floor.


  1. Ours is to promote jazz as an art form; also to get a better rapport between the audience and the musicians, as well as creating new audiences.
  2. Artists who participate in these arts in front of an audience are called performers, including actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers.
  3. She connects the musicians to the audience and the audience to the musicians in a way I have never experienced before during a concert.


  1. He brought the standards of dance up to a level that had never been seen before, and he created a new audience for ballet.
  2. The writer discusses the nature of the music and the ballet which caused such a severe reaction from its first audience.
  3. The biggest audience reaction came at the beginning of the ballet, when Hyltin's real dog accompanied her across the stage - the audience erupted in giggles.


  1. The opera was immediately stopped, and the orchestra played Chopin 's Funeral March for the stunned audience.
  2. It is at this moment in the opera that the audience realises that Alcina genuinely loves Ruggiero.
  3. It is at this point that the audience realises that Alcina genuinely loves Ruggiero; from now until the end of the opera, she is depicted sympathetically.


  1. Per definition, it means the consistency of the characteristics of characters, plot, objects, places and events seen by the reader or the audience.
  2. Written composition also meant that poets began to compose not for an audience that was sitting in front of them but for an absent reader.


  1. Another class of unreliable narrator is one who intentionally attempts to deceive the audience or other characters in the story.
  2. The Harry Bridges Project presents his story to a much wider audience through a variety of mediums; a one man play, the film, and radio documentaries.
  3. While the second film may feature action on a larger scale, the plot does not draw the audience into the story in the same way the first Die Hard did.


  1. The Lamb is written with childish repetitions and a selection of words which could satisfy any audience under the age of five.
  2. Opera for Bush was essentially an expansion of song, written in a manner accessible to a wide audience.
  3. The book is an exploration of the earliest years of the Communist Party of Canada, written for both an academic and a popular audience.


  1. Stand-up comedy is a style of comedy where the performer speaks directly to the audience, with the absence of the theatrical fourth wall.
  2. Stand-up comedy is a style of comedy where a comedian performs for a live audience, usually speaking directly to them.
  3. The show combines classic magic tricks, modern mind reading (mentalism), lots of audience participation and comedy.


  1. Although the rhythm game may not appeal to everyone, one thing's for sure, its mass appeal reaches a wide audience and grows with each new game.
  2. The orchestras attempts to bring as wide a range of audience members as possible so that regardless of classical background, everyone can enjoy the show.
  3. The target audience - everyone who likes playing chess and wants to improve - from beginners to masters.

Uncanny Ability

  1. The first record introduced the audience to the band and debuted the ZUG IZLAND?s uncanny ability to perform a very wide variety of musical sounds.
  2. Pabongka Rinpoche had an uncanny ability to relate to his audience, and for this reason he became a teacher for the common man as well as for us monks.


  1. Here's a little: Nearly all stand-up comedians have horror stories when they talk about the first time they performed in front of an audience.
  2. Next week I have an audience with the Pope, and if you like I'll talk to him about it.
  3. Typically, the comedian will stand up and talk to the audience.


  1. Wags cannot talk (except in mental soliloquies that only the audience can hear), but The Wiggles understand him when he barks.

Informal Fallacies

  1. Informal fallacies may also exploit the emotions or intellectual or psychological weaknesses of the audience.


  1. If you want to open up figure skating to another audience, you need to create something that's going to allow everyone to watch.
  2. Something, such as a lecture or speech, that is set forth for an audience: gave a presentation on drug abuse.
  3. He has something very specific in mind and if the dancers or the person who staged the piece isn't in on it, the audience certainly isn't going to be.

Sergei Taneyev

  1. In 1902, Prokofiev's mother obtained an audience with Sergei Taneyev, director of the Moscow Conservatoire.


  1. The audience for both blues and jazz definitively split, and it was at this time that the border between blues and jazz became the most defined.
  2. Basie's relationship with the blues became more apparent to his mainstream audience when Joe Williams joined the band.
  3. In 2003, Martin Scorsese made significant efforts to promote the blues to a larger audience.


  1. With the Internet's easy access to an audience, webcomics run the gamut from traditional cartoon strips to graphic novels and beyond.


  1. There are a lot of great songs on her album that I feel the record company wanted the audience to pay attention to.
  2. A lot of people in the audience didn’t even know that I was in that match because they didn’t even announce it.
  3. You learn a lot when you are playing with Dixon and Mario Pavone--a killer bassist--and in the audience is William Parker, Cecil Taylor and Don Cherry.


  1. Most early comedians were merely viewed as "joke tellers," who warmed up the audience as an opening act, or kept the crowds entertained during intermissions.
  2. House lights provide light for the audience before and after performances and during intermissions.


  1. Targeting these keywords alone might give me high traffic but not from my targeted audience.
  2. The targeted audience are Ph.D. students and researchers willing to update their knowledge of the field.
  3. Audience and Intent This document is targeted at the Linux user interested in learning a bit about Emacs and trying it out.


  1. In this film, he is the villain, designed to make the despicable social climber, Edith (Played by Fannie Ward), more palatable to the audience.
  2. Beyblade was significantly changed to make it more palatable for a western audience.
  3. Mahayana adjusts the original teachings so that they are palatable for the wider audience.


  1. Competition ABS-CBN lost a large chunk of its audience in 1996 when RPN introduced the "telenovelas," or dubbed soap operas from Latin American countries.
  2. A telenovelas is a dream story for everyone in the audience, that will end in a certain number of episodes, and that it has in most cases, a happy ending.


  1. Both Lee and Kid Rock are ex-husbands of Pamela Anderson, who was a presenter at the show and delivered her lines from atop a table in the audience.
  2. If neither contestant guesses correctly, the presenter used to ask if anyone in the audience knew the word, and if so, chose someone to shout it out.
  3. In movies, a presenter (but not a host) is a usually well-known executive producer credited with introducing a film or filmmaker to a larger audience.


  1. Participatory theatre is a form of theatre in which the audience interacts with the performers or the presenters.
  2. Whiteley also told many anecdotes and puns, which were often met by groans from other presenters and members of the audience.
  3. They noted that the presence of a studio audience, theme music and the dramatic behaviour of the presenters and crew suggested this.


  1. If the performer cannot coax laughs out of the audience, the bored crowd may harrass the comedian, a practice known as heckling.
  2. The match even takes place in the crowd for a lot of the bout, involving the audience yet again during Wrestlemania.
  3. Patton Oswalt defines it as "comedy where the audience has no pre-set expectations about the crowd, and vice versa.


  1. When Duane plays the melody of the song again, the audience immediately begins clapping along to the sweet melodic tune.
  2. On mounting the dohyo the rikishi performs a number of ritual moves involving leg stomps and clapping whilst facing out towards the audience.
  3. Rachel Barton Pine discusses audience response to performances, including clapping between movements and clapping in the middle of a piece.


  1. The matinee had had the character of a private concert, since Liszt himself had invited his audience.
  2. Fétis organized a private concert on February 11 at which Liszt performed in front of an audience of 150 persons.
  3. In extended sections of those pieces his audience was listening to arpeggios and thumbs-melodies, which were now played by Liszt.


  1. Typically in the 19th century, virtuosi such as these were more likely to attract an audience than some particular composer's music being on the programme.
  2. The presence of such virtuosi on a concert program was more likely to attract a large audience than the composers of the music.


  1. Stand-up comedy is difficult to master partly because the comedian is at the mercy of the audience, which is an integral element of the act.
  2. In a poetry slam, members of the audience are chosen by an M.C. or host to act as judges for the event.
  3. Although this was the act of a heel, the audience in MSG that night cheered wildy for him and booed Michaels.

Integral Element

  1. Stand-up comedy is difficult to master partly because the performer is at the mercy of the audience, which is an integral element of the act.
  2. Stand-up comedy is considered difficult to master, because the stand-up comedian is at the mercy of the audience, which is an integral element of the act.
  3. However, perhaps more than any other performer, the stand-up comedian is at the mercy of the audience, which is an integral element of the act.


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