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  1. Audio Adrenaline is a band of firsts.
  2. Audio Adrenaline is a band set apart from other because they have been formed by faith.
  3. Audio Adrenaline is a Christian rock band formed in the 1990s at Kentucky Christian College.
  4. Audio Adrenaline is a supergroup with lots of great hits.
  5. Audio Adrenaline is retired their Adios Greatest Hits is out now with new two songs which are Goodbye and Blaze Of Glory plus a cool DVD.

Forefront Records

  1. Forefront Records decided to offer a record deal to A-180 but had them change their name to Audio Adrenaline.


  1. Since then, she has shared the stage with artists such as Toby Mac, Audio Adrenaline, Jeremy Camp and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Local Band

  1. Audio Adrenaline formed while members Stuart and McGinniss were attending Kentucky Christian College and playing in a local band.


  1. It didn't take long for the band to build a solid fan base and they soon found themselves opening up for bands such as Audio Adrenaline.


  1. By the early 2000's, the Supertones was one of the major bands in CCM. They headlined with The Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline on the first Festival Con Dios.

Audio Adrenaline

  1. Kutless has toured with The O.C. Supertones and also with other prominent artists, such as tobyMac of dc Talk and Audio Adrenaline.
  2. Kutless have toured with the OC Supertones and also with other prominent artists, such as Toby Mac of dc-Talk, and Audio Adrenaline.


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