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  1. Self-hypnosis was taught at an early stage and patients were given audio tapes, that reinforced the effects of the hypnotherapy, to use at home.


  1. Print-based workbooks, classroom, video, audio tapes, CD-ROM, and Internet are all sample delivery methods.

Learning Programs

  1. Audio-based distance learning programs use audio tapes, radio, audio conferences, the telephone, etc.


  1. Books, magazines, the librarian's help, video and audio tapes, reference books, and programs for children are the most widely used services (Schwartz, 1991).
  2. His books, audio tapes and teachings have acted as an inspiration for countless Western students of Buddhism.

Video Tapes

  1. Annotated lists of books, articles, video tapes, audio tapes, recordings, and related items are provided.


  1. Siddha Yoga Bookstore, Australia - Resources for the practice of yoga, meditation and chanting, including books, CDs, audio tapes and videos.
  2. Shop for books, audio tapes, and cd music in the areas of Health, Inspiration, Self Help, Meditation, Relaxation, Spiritual, Parenting.

Audio Tapes

  1. Other Theravada Sources Where to find books, audio tapes, meditation centers, and Pali language resources on and off the Internet.
  2. Giri Trading - Puja items, gifts, books, audio tapes and other products for Hindu worship.


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