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Musical Composition

  1. Joseph Schillinger System of Musical Composition - An illustrated guide to a mathematical approach to music composition.


  1. The student will experiment with the principles of composition and a variety of compositional forms.
  2. THEME: Composition for an orchestra, except concerto, of within set instrumentation, to be performed with one conductor.
  3. We can-t exclude rhetoric or women as integral parts of the way in which composition attempts to operate in the academy.
  4. Grosser has been active in the construction of original software for sound synthesis and assisted composition since 1990.
  5. Note: All Composition papers are full year (except MUSI 424, Cross-cultural Composition) and are taught by individual supervision at times to be arranged.

Music Theory

  1. Musicology, Music Theory, or Composition - or on an interrelated body of courses - e.g.
  2. CmajMusic - Bravo Notes An interactive study of music theory and composition with the opportunity to compose. For all ages.
  3. Upper School electives are offered in music theory and composition, the history of jazz and rock music, songwriting, chamber ensemble, jazz band, and choir.

Music Composition

  1. Composer Frank Ekeberg works with electroacoustic music composition and performance. Bio, writings, etc.

Music Education

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in music education, musicology, music theory, or composition.
  2. Master of Arts in music composition, music education, musicology, music theory, or pedagogy of music theory.

Topics Include

  1. Jazz studies, music theory, and composition is also available to our students.
  2. Taught music history, music appreciation, theory, composition, and counterpoint.
  3. Radio Mute- Web-based discussion forum. Topics include composition, and the music industry.
  4. Topics include composition, and the music industry. Rap Choice - Freestylers, lyricists and emcees show off there works while publishing material.
  5. The Faculty has an outstanding reputation through its contribution to performance, composition, music therapy, ethnomusicology, and musicological research.


  1. The BM in Composition degree is designed to develop the student's abilities in composition and to prepare the student for graduate study in composition.


  1. Individual lessons in computer music composition. (Web site)
  2. Music notation scoring software and computer assisted composition.
  3. He holds degrees from Rutgers University in both computer science and music composition.
  4. Lecturer, computer music, theory, and composition, University of San Diego, 1995 - present.


  1. Class activities focus on student writing and speaking skills. ENGL 116 or ENGL 118 fulfills the English composition degree requirement.
  2. Composition students must demonstrate well-developed composing skills. (Web site)


  1. Bimodalism, A New Dimension and Ethos in Harmony Contemporary alternative to atonal styles of composition.
  2. Guide to Musical Composition - Consultation guide with information on how to write harmony, melody, and counterpoint.


  1. Expertise: Composition and electronic music.
  2. Composition of advertisement music (jingles short advertisement films documentaries).
  3. The School of Music offers the Bachelor of Music degree in composition and in theory.
  4. Bachelor degree concentrations include performance and composition, music education, and general music studies. (Web site)
  5. The School also offers the Masters degree in musicology, performance and composition and the PhD in musicology. (Web site)


  1. He is writing a new book on music composition in the schools with the music education doctoral students and faculty at Northwestern.


  1. Master classes in instrumental performance, piano, jazz, voice and composition are presented throughout each semester.
  2. M.F.A. in Music, with emphasis in composition, choral conducting, vocal performance, piano performance, and instrumental performance. (Web site)
  3. Personally developed major programming examples and demo applications, including Ensemble, a major real-time music performance and composition application. (Web site)

Composition Theory

  1. Expertise: Composition, improvisation, musicology, theory, and violin.
  2. She has been an Assistant Professor of composition and theory at Stanford University in California since 1994.
  3. Expertise: Ear training, composition, history, and theory; tunings and temperaments; just intonation; and church music.
  4. Allexperts Musical Composition and Theory - Experienced musicians answer your detailed one-on-one questions about musical composition and theory.

Composition Music

  1. Orchestral instruments, theory & composition, jazz, and gospel music.
  2. International competition that promotes the composition of music for symphony orchestra.

Theory Composition

  1. Solomon's Music Theory & Composition Resources - one of the most longstanding and comprehensive music theory sites on the web. (Web site)


  1. Hesketh studied composition at the Royal College of Music.


  1. The course includes listening, analysis, and creative composition.
  2. Composition and Counterpoint II is a course in non-tonal counterpoint.
  3. Fugal composition and advanced work in tonal harmony and counterpoint.
  4. Candidates for the Master of Arts degree in composition are required to write a thesis.
  5. Composition forum hosted by a collective of young contemporary composers from all styles.


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