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  1. Visual arts are pictorial, graphic, or sculptural works, including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art.
  2. The visual arts are extremely rich.
  3. The Visual Arts are an essential part of human existence.
  4. The visual arts are basic to the general education in the Randolph Township Schools.
  5. The visual arts are essential in developing the student's awareness and appreciation for what may be overlooked in the process of everyday living.

Visual Art

  1. Directory of visual arts web sites compiled by Edward Ginger.
  2. Specializes in: Visual arts, painting, assemblage, installation.
  3. Enrollment limited to 15. Prerequisites: see requirements for a major in visual arts.
  4. Longer residencies might also include the visual arts such as silk painting or calligraphy.
  5. This site attempts to compile all visual arts information that is available via the World Wide Web.


  1. In View Focuses on painting with various visual arts references and resources. Includes galleries, links and past archives.


  1. Maui's largest, priemere visual arts center for art study.
  2. Portal for Nonprofits performing and visual arts.
  3. Any other comments? Certificate 1 in visual arts and contemporary craft.
  4. Students will be aware of vocational options available in the visual arts.
  5. Primary grade art activities that meet the National Standards for the Visual Arts.


  1. Additionally, those accepted as visual arts majors may concentrate on one area of application such as sculpture, ceramics, painting or graphic design.


  1. STANDARD 6: Students will understand the visual arts in relation to other disciplines.
  2. Identify connections between the visual arts and other disciplines in the curriculum. c.


  1. Visual Arts center of resources specialized in Computer Graphics.
  2. VADS provides, preserves & promotes high quality digital resources in the visual arts.
  3. Data service to support research, learning and teaching, by providing visual arts digital resources.
  4. ArtLex - Visual Arts Dictionary: Collage Collage in art, defined with illustrations, great quotations, and links to other resources.
  5. A comprehensive site of online visual arts resources.


  1. ArtCumbria - Visual Arts - Virtual Gallery Artists groups and organisations in Cumbria which is located in the north west of England.
  2. Artists, groups and organisations involved in the visual arts based in the county of Cumbria which is located in the North West of England.


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