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North America

  1. Don Chase is one of North America's modern Native artists.
  2. Oregon Brewers Festival: North America’s largest gathering of craft brewers.
  3. Ecological account of prehistoric cultural developments in North America west of the Rocky Mountains.
  4. Survey of traditional masks and sculpture of the tribal peoples of North America, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and Oceania.
  5. You will study actors, plays and playwrights from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as those from Europe and North America.

United States

  1. Terms may be as broad as World, North America, United States, Texas; or more specific as Texas, central; Travis County; or Austin, city of.


  1. His work is sold throughout the Caribbean and North America.
  2. Learn about the different arts and cultures of continental North America, Alaska, and South America.
  3. Geographically it covers travelers to North America in its broadest sense, from the high Arctic to the Caribbean.


  1. The counterparts of this FFM provided numerous examples of TK documentation activities across North America.
  2. The North America Railpass allows unlimited stops to over 900 destinations in the U.S. and Canada and is valid for up to 30 consecutive days of travel.


  1. Preserving the culture and traditions of the indigenous peoples of North America.
  2. A survey of the histories and cultures of American Indian Peoples in North America from 1871 to the present.


  1. Description: An introduction to the arts of the native peoples of Africa, Oceania, Pre-Columbia and North America.


  1. Every year there are thousands of festivals in North America where artists, artisans, and craftspeople display and sell their work.

Art Libraries Society

  1. Art Libraries Society of North America - Job listings for art librarians and visual resource professionals.


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