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  1. Shields of Oceania, an exhibition of 80 examples of shields from this region was developed in conjunction with the Oceanic Arts Society.


  1. It will not cover all the arts of all the peoples of Africa, Oceania, and the Native Americas.
  2. An introduction to the arts of the native peoples of Africa, Oceania, Pre-Columbia and North America.


  1. The Museum celebrates the world's diverse cultures and rich visual arts, especially those of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Native and Latin America.


  1. It builds on the peace in which the indigenous peoples of Oceania have always believed.
  2. The Church in Oceania is strong in hope, for she has experienced God's infinite goodness in Christ.
  3. Thanks originally to the generosity and fervour of countless missionaries, the many peoples of Oceania know Jesus Christ.
  4. The Special Assembly is also an opportune event because the peoples of Oceania are experiencing significant changes at this moment in history.


  1. An introduction to the visual arts and cultures of Oceania (the South Pacific).
  2. OCEANIA: All countries in the region are eligible, including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the countries and islands in the South Pacific.

Pacific Islands

  1. The Australia & Oceania page offers links to several informative websites for the Pacific Islands region.


  1. Setting and cultural adaptation of the peoples of Southeast Asia and Oceania.
  2. However, there are many other varieties in other parts of Oceania, Melanesia and Island Southeast Asia (Ehrlich 1999).


  1. Oceania Healers includes listings for .
  2. Dreamweb Oceania- Aboriginal art, culture, news, exhibitions, and links.
  3. OCEANIA: the definition of Oceania sometimes includes the continent of Australia and sometimes does not.
  4. The bishops of Oceania will meet with bishops of other continents, in communion with the Bishop of Rome.
  5. The process of inculturation began in Oceania as immigrant people brought the Christian faith from their homelands.


  1. Marshall, Mac et al (eds.). 1989. Culture, kin and cognition in Oceania.


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