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  1. The background music is a bit of a mood music I did called “A Walk In The Woods” it is fairly self explanatory.
  2. Background music is a variety of Christmas songs.
  3. Background music is a collection of holiday songs.
  4. Background music is a midi file I generated with my ambient music machine.
  5. Background music is a subtle instrumental traditional New Years song that plays only once and then turns off.

Music Library

  1. Background music library, production music clips.
  2. The ambient background music comes from the Podsafe Music Network.
  3. But background music is a thankless task in Hindi cinema.
  4. BMS is a software package that plays background music or announcements.
  5. That background music -- or Muzak -- has been the brunt of jokes for years.

Royalty Free

  1. Background music, royalty free music clips.
  2. Opuzz background music are completely royalty free and can be use in productions without having to pay any additional licensing fees.
  3. Opuzz takes the risk out of buying royalty free background music, as you will know exactly what you're getting.


  1. Select background music and image.
  2. Autosave, background music, and help on the puzzle image during the game.
  3. Animated Santa together with Angels is bringing you the Christmas mood and sprit with nice background music.
  4. Personally, I think 'jazzy easy listening background music' is a more adequate description.
  5. Use the drop-down lists in the Audio Playlist column to select your playlist for any slide where you would like the background music to play.


  1. The background music is Let It Snow by Kenny G. A Wolf in Winter - A stream high in the mountains flows among the pine trees.
  2. The background music is Winter Wonderland by Kenny G. Church In The Wildwood - A stream of moving water winds down the mountain and through a village.


  1. What the card receiver will hear is a piece of message with a piece of background music.
  2. Although background music was an download music videos invention of Erik Satie around 1920.
  3. The present invention also encompasses an apparatus for automatically providing background music for a card message recording system.


  1. Tips and listings for Background Music - free guide.
  2. It's the ideal collection of background music, music on hold, and even dining music.
  3. A: If a background music supplier provides your music on hold, then the supplier should pay.
  4. For any company in need of unique New Age and light jazz background music or music on-hold, this compilation is ideal.

Music Loops

  1. Download background music loops here.
  2. Optional background music can be muted.
  3. The results support using background music with children with mental illness.
  4. The Opuzz background music loop ibrary contains background music loops in many musical categories.
  5. Why? Once background music pops into our foreground attention, it's not part of the ambience any more.


  1. Then you can enjoy viewing each album on a page-flipping AlbumView with pre-set sequence, effect and background music.
  2. Greenberg and Fisher (1971) discovered that background music had a statistically significant effect on psychological test scores.
  3. Also, the students' self report data on interference by background music suggested no effect on the math test scores.
  4. By creating a Photo VCD with selected effects and background music, you can nicely share photos with those who only have a VCD player.
  5. The rotary selector switch without the knob in the photo lets you choose between 1 and 10 background music cuts per MPE1 record cut.

Transition Effects

  1. You can add background music and select from over 100 stunning picture transition effects.
  2. With a few minutes of work, you'll have an eye-catching slide show complete with background music and transition effects.
  3. You can create screensaver from any combination of images and videos files, adding background music and over 100 picture transition effects.

Sound Effects

  1. Digital sound effects and soothing background music add to the fun.
  2. High scores and tile counts are maintained, and sound effects and background music can be toggled.
  3. In a similar study, LaBach (1960) found background music had no effect on reading comprehension scores.
  4. This option removes all the background music and musical score from the movie, leaving just dialog and the occasional sound effect.


  1. Licensed background music suppliers pay only for the use of music as background.
  2. It is easy to reduce this kind of recital program to either flash, or background music.
  3. Since these buyout background music tracks are 'buyout', you only pay once to use it as many times as you'd like.
  4. Nor can a business legally use a consumer broadcast of any kind as background music, unless it pays a licensing fee.
  5. Since these background music are 'buy-out' purchases, you only need to pay once and may use the music loops as many times in your productions.


  1. Mixer 209 mixes the background music with the speech signals by controlling their volume.
  2. For instance, the volume of the background music fades gradually when the volume of the message is increasing and vice versa.


  1. Find the perfect background music tracks for your productions.
  2. Perfect when used as background music for film and television projects.


  1. Buyout Background Music is commonly use in commercials, multimedia projects & presentations.
  2. Background music libraries are usually used in commercials, multimedia projects & presentations.
  3. Background music loops are usually used in Flash animations, web projects, multimedia projects and business presentations.

Background Music

  1. In AlbumView, you can view photos of each Photo Album with pre-set viewing sequence, selected effects and background music.
  2. The background music is Joy To The World by Kenny G. Christmas Joy Screen Saver - All of these things are a part of the Christmas joy this season.
  3. A: Background music is considered a public performance, so you need a SOCAN licence to play most types of background music in your establishment.


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