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  1. Baddeleyite is a mineral that consists of zirconia ( Zr O 2). Its melting point is 2700 ° C. Elemental zirconium is refined from baddeleyite.
  2. Baddeleyite is a rare zirconium oxide mineral (ZrO2) or zirconia.
  3. Baddeleyite is a simple oxide of zirconium and quite rare. (Web site)
  4. Baddeleyite is a natural mineral of the same chemical composition, but it is a monoclinic mineral.
  5. Baddeleyite: A mineral with the same chemical composition as cubic zirconia. (Web site)


  1. Baddeleyite (of Fletcher) mineral data, information about Baddeleyite (of Fletcher), its properties and worldwide locations.
  2. Definition of baddeleyite in the Online Dictionary.
  3. Law Talk Dictionary baddeleyite - baddeleyite - Labor definition of a mineral consisting of Noun 1.


  1. It has been proposed to use fused baddeleyite concentrates aggregate for fabricating refractory articles.
  2. The zirconium dioxide is present in the baddeleyite and in the artificial zirconia, and zircon if used.
  3. The typical chemistry of the baddeleyite ore concentrates which have been used are set forth in Table 3.
  4. It is believed that some form of calcia or other known zirconia stabilizing compositions are typically added to the baddeleyite before melting.
  5. Composition E differs from composition A in that the former includes baddeleyite ore in a fine grain distribution in place of artificial zirconia flour.


  1. No byproducts or waste result from baddeleyite refining.
  2. Like zircon, baddeleyite is extracted from sand and gravel deposits.
  3. Comments: Single crystal specimen of very rare baddeleyite pseudomorphing kimzeyite (garnet). (Web site)
  4. The only refining process used on baddeleyite involves grinding the gravel or sand to a powder and sizing the powder with different sized sieves.
  5. Therefore, rather baddeleyite (ZrO2) than zircon (ZrSiO4) is formed.


  1. Fused baddeleyite is formed by heating the baddeleyite ore concentrates to a liquid state and then allowing the liquid to cool.
  2. Fused baddeleyite is also often distinguished by microcracks and fissures within the grains from rapid cooling after fusing.
  3. Particles of fused baddeleyite have a "swiss cheese" appearance; that is to say, the particles are characteristically very dense (i.e.


  1. All zirconium oxide that comes from baddeleyite is used for refractories and, increasingly, advanced ceramics.
  2. Description: Baddeleyite is a rare zirconium oxide found in a variety of environments, including kimberlite, syenite and gabbro.
  3. Since 1892 the yellowish, monoclinic mineral baddeleyite had been the only natural form of zirconium oxide known.
  4. This material appears to assist the magnesium oxide and calcium oxide in diffusing into the baddeleyite particles.
  5. LookSmart - Directory search for "Baddeleyite" Occurrence:Most zirconium is obtained from the minerals zircon and baddeleyite.


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