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  1. Band-Aid is a trade name; use sticking plaster.
  2. Band-Aid is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson for their adhesive bandages used to cover small wounds.
  3. Band-aid is a particular brand of adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center, used to protect minor cuts and wounds.
  4. The Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson, an employee of Johnson & Johnson, for his wife.
  5. A Band-Aid is a trademark of an adhesive bandage with a gauze pad in the center.

Johnson Amp

  1. BAND-AID - Josephine Dickson married a man who worked for a company that manufactured gauze and adhesive tape called Johnson & Johnson.
  2. BAND-AID® is a registered trademark of JOHNSON & JOHNSON.
  3. Johnson & Johnson makes a variety of different products under the Band-Aid brand.


  1. The phrase "Band-aid" has also entered colloquial usage as a term for any temporary fix.
  2. The company estimates that since its introduction, more than 100 billion BAND-AID have been sold worldwide.
  3. DID YOU KNOW: When sales took off slower then expected, the company distributed an unlimited number of free BAND-AID to Boy Scout troops across the country.
  4. Small things, they stored in Band-Aid boxes.


  1. The manipulated variable was the types of Band-Aid brand bandages.
  2. For more information on BAND-AID- Brand Liquid Bandage, visit
  3. The original purpose of this experiment was to see which brand of Band-Aid bandage has the most adhesive stick.
  4. A. BAND-AID ® Brand Liquid Bandage seals off surface nerve endings, reducing minor pain instantly.

Band-Aid Brand

  1. The Band-Aid brand competes with others such as 3M 's Nexcare brand.
  2. BAND-AID-- Brand Antibiotic Adhesive Bandages Protect Cover the affected area with an adhesive bandage and keep it covered until the wound heals completely.
  3. Today Band-Aid brand adhesive tape is made of acrylic.
  4. I wondered what type of Band-Aid brand bandage sticks the longest.

Years Old

  1. The original BAND-AID plant was 20 miles up the road at "Kilmer house." BAND-AID brand turned 75 years old in 1996.
  2. Circa 1946, when David was two and a half years old in Harlan, Iowa, having a Band-Aid applied with the help of his mother Leda and dog Snookers.


  1. Most females have heard of laparoscopy, also known as "bellybutton" or "Band-Aid" surgery.
  2. It is used on the fertility boards and newsgroups in the same manner as saying Band-Aid for an adhesive strip used to cover a cut.
  3. Better Healing with BAND-AID-- Brand Protecting your child's cuts and scrapes means better, safer healing.
  4. In many ways, Dickson's lasting impact was due to his lifelong devotion to his wife, according to Susan Tang, U.S. product director for Band-Aid brands.
  5. AIDs, ' cause BAND-AID 's stuck on me " to " I am stuck on BAND-AID brand, 'cause BAND-AID 's stuck on me.


  1. Cover the scab with a Band-Aid to prevent scratching and spread.


  1. Once the blood has been collected, the needle is removed, and a band-aid or gauze is applied.

Severe Problems

  1. Removing your organ (gallbladder) might be a band-aid for 10-20 years but severe problems will eventually arise.


  1. By 1929, the Band-Aid was a hot seller and Dickson was elected to the J&J board of directors.


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