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  1. Some battalions were used successfully in the Mosul area in November 2004.
  2. Only four battalions were sanctioned to begin with, to fill up the security vacuum that was prevalent at that time on the Indo - Tibet border.
  3. One of the battalions was named the Agema and served as the King's bodyguards.

Warring States Liang

  1. The battalions of warring states Liang and Wei collided in a bloodbath that lasted from dawn until dusk.

Six Battalions

  1. The third division, in reserve, consisted of six battalions of infantry and the royal guard, and was led by Prince Lüneburski - 3000 infantry.

Three Battalions

  1. Of the infantry the Marines initially deployed, all but three battalions rode in AAVs, with the remainder riding in trucks.


  1. An infantry regiment is an administrative and ceremonial organisation only and may include several battalions.


  1. The regular forces also experienced a substantial expansion, not just including the many battalions created in existing regiments.
  2. The Kauravas were also assisted by their relations and friends and their forces numbered eleven battalions.
  3. The Pandavas were assisted by Sri Krishna and other relations, Drupada, Virata, etc., and their forces numbered seven battalions (Akshauhinis).


  1. In the front, the Seven battalions of infantry with the artillery batteries.


  1. Jiang Yiwu of the Literature Society decided to launch the uprising that night as a result, and sent mails to each of the battalions of the new armies.
  2. The following night, Ky dispatched three battalions of South Vietnamese marines (VNMC) to Da Nang on U.S. military aircraft.


  1. The American garrison at Jolo was reinforced by the addition of two battalions of infantry and preparations were made for a decisive assault on the Moros.


  1. They were manned by personnel from the SS Police battalions and Trawnikis - volunteers from Eastern Europe.


  1. Soldiers of both these battalions fought with utmost gallantry against the common foe and won two well deserved Victoria Crosses.


  1. In addition, another seventeen such battalions were stationed in Poland, according to Polish information.

Soviet Partisans

  1. Now organized in 3 battalions of about 900 men each, the LVF will be engaged rear of the front, fighting against Soviet Partisans.

Russian Army

  1. Uvarovo was held by two battalions of Galitzin's infantry, which formed a weak forward outpost in advance of the rest of the Russian army.

Warsaw Pact

  1. The Battalions served as part of NATO forces guarding the Inner-German Border against the Warsaw Pact.

World War

  1. During World War II, most infantry regiments consisted of three battalions (a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) with each battalion consisting of four companies.
  2. The Gurkha cantonment then reached its zenith during World War II, when battalions from Dharamshala made history.
  3. Six battalions of the Sikh Regiment were raised in the World War II, and served at El Alamein and in Burma, Italy and Iraq, winning 27 battle honours.

Territorial Army

  1. The bulk of the battalions formed for the First World War were disbanded outright, but several were reconstituted in the Territorial Army.
  2. It will have seven battalions, two of which will be in the Territorial Army.

Madras Regiment

  1. In 1758 Lawrence raised the Madras Regiment, forming the several Companies of Madras Levies into two battalions.


  1. As of Sunday night, five battalions of Indonesian army troops had been sent to the area, as the police seemed totally unable to control the violence.
  2. Out of the police, special militarized forces were formed, originally SS Police Battalions, and later expanded to SS Police Regiments.


  1. For he had even declared in council a few days before that, before the battalions came to battle, Caesar's army would be put to the rout.


  1. Indonesia says it has sent two battalions of troops to West Timor to restore order.
  2. On February 12, 1915 the disarming of Armenian soldiers began and these troops were soon organized into work battalions.


  1. Many of the "independent" companies, battalions, and regiments attached to both the Union and Confederate forces held the same reputation.


  1. April 2 In Sivas Province, battalions of gendarmery and 4000 chetes begin regular attacks on Armenian villages with increasing brutality.
  2. April 1, 1965 - At the White House, President Johnson authorizes sending two more Marine battalions and up to 20,000 logistical personnel to Vietnam.


  1. On February 19, 1965, several dissident South Vietnamese Generals moved their battalions into Saigon with the intention of ousting General Nguyen Khanh.
  2. Based at Saigon and like the Airborne served as a fire brigade in SVN. Had 9 battalions by 1969 and 12 by 1975.

British Army

  1. Three infantry battalions of the British army are currently tasked with the provision of Public Duties.
  2. The Guards Division of the British Army contains a total of five battalions, one from each of the five regiments of Foot Guards.


  1. It is the largest "permanent" tactical unit in most corps, although it is only an administrative and ceremonial grouping of battalions in the infantry.
  2. This is a list of Swedish artillery regiments, battalions, corps and companies that have existed in the Swedish Army.


  1. There I had placed four battalions of infantry (two of which were militia) in hope of holding a piece of high ground.


  1. Only battalions of Infantry Regiments of the Line carry Colours, the Royal Artillery's colours for example, are their guns.


  1. The Volunteers' Dublin division had been organized into 4 battalions, each under a commandant who the IRB made sure were loyal to them.


  1. A column was supplied by the Nizam of Hyderabad consisting of ten battalions and over 16,000 cavalry, and many soldiers were sent by the Marathas.
  2. In exchange, the company provided the Nizam with two battalions of company troops.


  1. The movement of ten of its battalions to the Western Front in the first two years chillingly demonstrates how the war swallowed horrific numbers of recruits.
  2. In response to Erekles pleas for help, two Russian battalions finally arrived in Georgia in late 1795 and Russia declared war on Persia in March 1796.


  1. This position was defended by General Dabrowski's Polish division of four infantry battalions and two cavalry battalions.
  2. After a reorganization, Poznań Division was composed of 6 battalions of infantry, 3 squadrons of cavalry and 2,000 pospolite ruszenie commanded by Gen.
  3. Sherman marched with two infantry brigades from his division, along with two battalions of cavalry, and they met up with Brig.


  1. Battalions and brigades of Iraqi troops began to show up, commanded by Kurds, Shia Arabs, and some turncoat Sunni Arabs, that could do the job.
  2. These two brigades have also been reported as three Marine Battalions in the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (may be part of the Iranian Army).


  1. Most were allotted to the Infantry, enabling the Army to increase the Royal Australian Regiment from five to nine Battalions for the first time.
  2. On that basis, the Pandavas had a total army that equalled seven battalions and the Kauravas, 11 battalions.


  1. Six battalions of BSF, 10 battalions of CRP, five companies of the Punjab Police Commandos, one battalion of State Rifles have been deployed in the state.
  2. Two of the Marine battalions have specialized roles: the Force Reconnaissance (Recon) battalion is used for rapid airlift to troubled areas.

Infantry Battalions

  1. There was a substantial reduction in the number of infantry battalions and the size of the TF (now retitled as the Territorial Army).
  2. After independence, the infantry battalions of the Travancore, Cochin and Mysore State forces were amalgamated into the Madras Regiment.


  1. Units are infantry battalions or brigades, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries.
  2. During the war, most new infantry battalions were raised within existing regiments; the Northumberland Fusiliers were most prolific, fielding 51 battalions.
  3. After the battle, the militia units were broken up in order to provide reinforcements to depleted regular infantry battalions.


  1. In august 2006, the regiment was amalgamated with Jydske Dragonregiment and its Battalions disbanded.
  2. Personnel will be "trickle posted" between battalions of the same regiment as required, and to further their careers.
  3. That regiment consisted of eleven battalions (tabur) and was thereafter called the Lazistan Detachment (Lazistan Mufrezesi).


  1. The British Army 's Infantry is comprised of 50 battalions of Infantry, from 18 Regiments.
  2. Hertfordshire regiment) and at the outbreak of the war would normally consist of two regular battalions (although some regiments had more).
  3. A few regiments had up to four regular battalions and more than one militia battalion, which skewed the numbering, but this was rare.


  1. In the U.S. Army, most regiments, battalions of regiments and separate battalions also have a stand of colours.
  2. These will see either one regiment of four or more battalions, or two regiments of between two and three battalions in each division.
  3. Most regiments were composed of two or more battalions, except in the British Army, where the regiment and battalion were normally synonymous.


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