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  1. Belt loops are awarded to boys who complete the three belt loop requirements in an academic subject or sport.
  2. Belt loops are worn on the Cub Scout belt. (Web site)
  3. Belt loops are awarded for completing standards in various academic and sport fields.
  4. Belt loops are awarded for trying out many sports and academic subjects. (Web site)
  5. Sports belt loops are earned by the Cub by meeting the requirements listed.

Boy Scout

  1. A. The belt loops do not fit on the Boy Scout (olive) belt. (Web site)


  1. The belt is useful because a number of awards that the scout can earn are "belt loops" that fit on the cub scout belt.

Merit Badges

  1. Is there a difference?  Topics in this episode include how to incorporate art into the scout program between rank, belt loops and merit badges.


  1. Sports pins are given in each sport (see Sports Belt Loops) for Cub Scouts and adults to recognize fitness development over a three month period.

Pack Meeting

  1. Is there some awards like belt loops that could be given at the Den meetings then the CM could mention their names at the Pack meeting or in the news letter. (Web site)

Boy Scouts

  1. Belt loops fit on the official Scout blue belt, so you may want to postpone using the olive belt until Boy Scouts. (Web site)


  1. Trousers (pants) worn with a dinner jacket, being formal, should not have turn-ups (cuffs) or belt loops.


  1. All boys may earn belt loops more than once; however, leaders should encourage boys to try different requirements and earn the pin.


  1. Those hanging them from belt loops might as well attach tzitzit to t-shirts, sweaters, pants, or even sleeveless tops. (Web site)


  1. Academics belt loops are earned by the Cub by meeting the requirements listed.


  1. Some activities can help the boys advance through the Cub Scout ranks or earn belt loops and badges.


  1. If you have boys that are highly driven by recognition items, these belt loops and pins can be very useful. (Web site)
  2. Sports or Academics belt loops, pins, and jacket letters recognize the Cub Scouts for participation and practice. (Web site)
  3. Besides the advancement awards and the Academics and Sports belt loops and pins, Cub Scouts may earn other individual awards.

Cub Scout Uniform

  1. Belt loops may be worn with the Cub Scout uniform on the Cub Scout belt.
  2. The Academics and Sports belt loops are intended to be worn with the Cub Scout uniform.

Webelos Scouts

  1. Webelos Scouts can either wear their blue, Cub Scout belt, or any narrow belt that the belt loops will fit on. (Web site)
  2. Most of the Academic belt loops (except Collecting) can be used by Webelos Scouts when working on various Activity Badges.

Belt Loops

  1. Besides the belt loops and pins, there are other kinds of recognitions for the Academics and Sports program.
  2. This last spring all the boys earned their Webelos badge, and weve continued working on additional activities badges, belt loops and pins.
  3. Many Webelos Scouts may earn belt loops and pins a second time to qualify for Webelos activity badges. (Web site)


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