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  1. Bernard Purdie is a massive, groundbreaking player. (Web site)
  2. Bernard Purdie is a great drummer and not full of crap.
  3. Bernard Purdie was playing and Mel went there to meet Thad, who was playing trumpet on the date.
  4. Bernard Purdie was born June 11, 1939 in Elkton, Maryland as the eleventh of fifteen children.


  1. That's what's on the record." Bernard Purdie sheds some light on how Becker and Fagen worked when things got difficult.

Electric Piano

  1. The group includes Ott on piano and electric piano, Ernie Hayes on organ, Bad Bascomb on bass, and Bernard Purdie on drums.

Playing Trumpet

  1. Bernard Purdie was playing and Mel went there to meet Thad, who was playing trumpet on the date.

Bernard Purdie

  1. The book includes sidebars that highlight the inspirations for these grooves, such as Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, and Jeff Porcaro.
  2. Other players include Richard Tee on keyboards, Eric Gale on guitar, Bernard Purdie on drums, Airto on percussion, and Hank Crawford on alto sax. (Web site)
  3. Bernard Purdie 's on drums, Jimmy Lewis plays Fender bass, and solos are by Kynard on organ, Grant Green on guitar, and Houston person on tenor. (Web site)


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