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  1. Berry Johnston is a former world champion and also the 2004 inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame.
  2. Berry Johnston is a professional poker player.
  3. Berry Johnston is an experienced professional at the game of poker.
  4. Berry Johnston is a poker veteran in nearly every way possible.
  5. Berry Johnston is a true poker veteran and regarded as one of the game's top players.


  1. He went on to win the WSOP Razz title in 1986 and the WSOP Limit Omaha title in 1992 (against his friend, Berry Johnston).


  1. With his cash in this event, Berry Johnston now has 56 in-the-money finishes in his WSOP career, which ranks him tied for third on the all-time list.


  1. Berry Johnston of Oklahoma City won the event, and both Stupak and Johnston started their freeze-out for the Rolls-Royce with $25,000 in chips.

Impressive Record

  1. Berry Johnston - an old veteran of the poker world, who hasn't quite become a household name despite his impressive record.


  1. Most players would always remember and recall Berry Johnston as the perfect gentleman, something you rarely see at a poker table.

Poker Champion

  1. The 1986 World Series of Poker Champion, Berry Johnston is also recognized for being the man with the most all time cashes in 2004.

Berry Johnston

  1. But the third year that he played for the World Championship (in 1985), he finished second to Bill Smith, with Berry Johnston taking third.
  2. At one end of the spectrum were players including Jay Heimowitz (with 6 gold bracelets), Berry Johnston (with 5), and John Bonetti (with 3).


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