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  1. Betrayal is a play written by Harold Pinter in 1978.
  2. BETRAYAL is a book about my search for justice as a former-prison guard in upstate New York.
  3. Betrayal is a full-fledged extension of the God of War franchise, and it earns its title.
  4. Betrayal was first produced by the National Theatre in London on November 15, 1978. (Web site)


  1. The play is a grand metaphor, in other words, for society's betrayal and abuse of the young on all fronts, social, environmental and moral.
  2. In the section above research relating betrayal to forgetting was reviewed.
  3. Of course, a particular event may be simultaneously a betrayal trauma and life threatening. (Web site)
  4. E.g. This definition is on the web: "Most mental health professionals have expanded the definition of trauma to include betrayal trauma.
  5. DePrince (2001) discovered that trauma survivors reporting traumatic events high in betrayal were particularly distressed.
  6. At this point we know that betrayal effects on memorability of abuse have been found in at least seven data sets (see paragraph above).


  1. Synonyms of betrayal at
  2. The friends and admirers of Gay (including Alexander Pope and Henry Carey) regarded this political game as a personal and moral betrayal.
  3. Often called a sly comedy of sexual manners, BETRAYAL encompasses much more than just adultery. (Web site)
  4. Betrayal Coaching provides Christian Life Coaching to those who have been betrayed and are hurting and broken.
  5. I performed Scene 8 from "Betrayal" in a theater class, and read the rest of the play in order to form a character analysis of Emma. (Web site)


  1. DePrince, A.P. (2001). Trauma and posttraumatic responses: An examination of fear and betrayal.
  2. It appears that men experience more non-betrayal traumas than do women, while women experience more betrayal traumas than do men. (Web site)


  1. An important issue for future research is investigating the role the emotional perception of betrayal has in distress and recovery. (Web site)
  2. Research suggests that the distinction between fear and betrayal may be important to posttraumatic outcomes. (Web site)
  3. Basic cognitive processes involved in attention and memory most likely play an important role in dissociating explicit awareness of betrayal traumas.


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