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  1. Billy (Luke Benward) is a perpetually queasy kid nervous about attending a new school in a new town.
  2. Billy is a country boy who is very desperate for some coonhounds but his family can't afford them.
  3. Billy was the first player's character in the original Double Dragon, although his character design and ability to transform is taken from the movie.
  4. Billy is a hell of an owner and he puts every dollar he gets from Graceway Pharmaceuticals into our truck and then some.
  5. Billy was a star in British police drama The Bill for a few years, playing the role of bent cop and (sometimes) arch con-gamer.

Billy Crystal

  1. As an 11-year-old he made his acting debut as Billy Crystal 's son in the 1991 comedy film City Slickers.


  1. Mrs. Mullin, owner of the carousel, arrives and tells Julie never to return to the carousel because Julie let Billy put his arm around her during the ride.
  2. It is the story of Billy, a carnival barker for a carousel owned by the tough, street-wise Mrs.

Billy Elliot

  1. Kate Hennig - Billy Elliot "If I Loved You" from CAROUSEL by Rodgers and Hammerstein is just a perfect piece of musical theatre writing.
  2. GREENFINGERS brings you the laughs and the genuine closeness to characters that you felt in other great British films like BILLY ELLIOT and THE FULL MONTY.
  3. Billy Elliot The Musical, with music by Elton John and lyrics by Lee Hall, was launched on the London stage in 2005.

Billy Packer

  1. And even if CBS does retain the rights, if Billy Packer 's recent demise is any indication, it might be time for a play-by-play change too.

Billy Kidman

  1. Early in his career, Kanyon formed a tag team with Billy Kidman which saw both men wrestle in the uniform of hockey players.

Billy Wilder

  1. Many of the directors of her films were also Jews (for example, Billy Wilder of Some Like It Hot and George Cukor of Let's Make Love).
  2. Billy Wilder released Sunset Boulevard and received a movie of the year nomination alongside the productions of Born Yesterday and Father of the Bride.
  3. He worked for a number of renowned directors later in his career, most notably Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Billy Wilder and Anthony Mann.

Billy Higgins

  1. Billy Higgins would be pretty high on my list, top 5 definetely; maybe Gene Krupa would be on it.
  2. Although Billy Higgins appeared on literally hundreds of sessions as a sideman, the famous drummer didn't record nearly as many albums under his own name.
  3. You should have heard the night Ed Blackwell came into Bradley's and sat behind Billy Higgins while he was playing with Hank Jones and Ray Drummond.

Air Power

  1. In the final analysis, General William "Billy" Mitchell proved to be the prophet of air power for the United States.

Billy Mitchell

  1. Billy Mitchell (1879–1936) was an American general and advocate of air power.
  2. Gigs with Curtis Amy and Charles Lloyd and a band led by Al Grey and Billy Mitchell led him to New York’s Birdland in the early 1960s.
  3. The movie "The Court- martial of Billy Mitchell" staring Gary Cooper glamorized the sinking and the court-martial.

Professional Baseball Player

  1. William Ashley "Billy" Sunday (November 19, 1862 - November 6, 1935) was noted first as a professional baseball player, and then more famous evangelist.

Billy Sunday

  1. From Billy Graham to Billy Sunday, this view, or variations thereof, has influenced the American Protestant Church more than any other.
  2. Like Dwight Moody and Billy Sunday before him, Graham relished rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful.
  3. Billy Sunday is a dance of pure Americana representing American themes, American music, songs and hymns.

Franklin Graham

  1. It is not known whether the Graham's, including Billy and Franklin Graham, will be assisting Bakker in with his ventures.

Evangelist Billy Graham

  1. But the gospel became clear to him through a conversation with evangelist Billy Graham.

Billy Ballew Motorsports

  1. Bodine returned to the series in 2000, splitting races with his father at Billy Ballew Motorsports.

Billy Bob Thornton

  1. Manual Jordan (Billy Bob Thornton) gets released after doing 23 years in prison for accidentally killing a kid during an attempted robbery.
  2. Renfro had been filming a movie with Winona Ryder and Billy Bob Thornton.
  3. Billy Bob Thornton is an American actor, and also an occasional director, playwright, screenwriter and singer.

King Curtis

  1. Personnel: Aretha Franklin (vocals, electric piano); Ray Charles (vocals, electric piano); King Curtis (soprano & tenor saxophones); Billy Preston (organ).
  2. Despite this impressive record of work, Billy was most closely associated with two bandleaders; Bill Doggett, another Philly musician, and King Curtis.

Billy Preston

  1. George and Louis Johnson later joined Billy Preston 's band, and wrote Music in My Life and The Kids and Me for him before leaving his group in 1973.
  2. King Curtis led a band including Cornell DuPree and his Kingpins, the Memphis Horns, Franklin's usual backup singers, and Billy Preston.
  3. Miles Davis titled a song "Billy Preston" in his honor.

Billy Talent

  1. The band renamed itself Billy Talent after running into legal trouble with the old name.
  2. Like getting to know a good friend better over time, their lyrics and sound are familiar but delve deeper into who Billy Talent is and where they stand.
  3. The projects scope is limited to any article related to Billy Talent, their albums, the songs and the band members.


  1. The label of the Get Back single credits the artists on the record as "The Beatles with Billy Preston".
  2. Billy Preston, who had already worked with The Beatles, supplied piano for the searing confessional "God".
  3. Naturally Brian wanted Billy to be as big a Nems star as the Beatles but George Martin was unimpressed.

Billy Joel

  1. Influences like Billy Joel, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan all come across in a big way here.
  2. Early in my career, my influences were primarily The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton, Billy Joel, light rock and 70's top forty.
  3. David Rosenthal is an American keyboardist, music producer, and songwriter mostly known for working with Billy Joel.

Billy Taylor

  1. Notable bebop musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie and Billy Taylor started Afro-Cuban bands at that time.
  2. Knight later became a student and protégé of Dr. Billy Taylor, who himself had been a protégé of Art Tatum.
  3. Among those who used Henderson's charts, in addition to Ellington, were Count Basie, Illinois Jacquet, and Billy Taylor.

Woody Guthrie

  1. Six incarnations of Bob Dylan: an actor, a folk singer, an electrified troubadour, Rimbaud, Billy the Kid, and Woody Guthrie.
  2. Billy later finds a guitar that reads "This Machine kills Fascists", the same guitar he had as Woody Guthrie.

Billy Bragg

  1. The combination of efforts of Billy Bragg & Wilco, along with the songs of Woody Guthrie, is truly inspired.
  2. In addition, Wilco collaborated with Billy Bragg on the two Mermaid Avenue albums, which set music to the lost lyrics of Woody Guthrie.
  3. I was able to see Billy Bragg, singer from System of a Down, RX Bandits (who?), and when Ben Harper came on I knew it was time to leave.

Billy Hart

  1. Billy Hart, Billy Strayhorn, Chuck Mangione and I was all born on the same day.
  2. Bookie's next gig was to tour the United States with the Shirley Horn Trio, along with Billy Hart on drums.
  3. They also mentioned Billy Hart and Adam Nussbaum because they were born November 29.

Billy Strayhorn

  1. Songs by Billy Strayhorn, Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus and Bill Evans are lovingly rendered, conjuring a raft of complex emotions.
  2. He continued to write for the band, and was joined in 1939 by Billy Strayhorn, with whom Ellington had a remarkable collaborative relationship.
  3. SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR focuses on the music of Billy Strayhorn, a jazz composer who was principally known for his collaborations with Duke Ellington.

Billy Howerdel

  1. Since Billy Howerdel played majority of the instruments himself on the album, and Josh Freese was busy with other committments, a touring band was necessary.
  2. Billy Howerdel has certainly taken some unorthodox steps to get where he is today as a musician and he's seen many different sides of the music industry.


  1. In the interview, Keenan also said that he's working on a fourth album for A Perfect Circle, his side project with Billy Howerdel.
  2. However, Billy continued to be committed to working with the band if and when they decided to call again.
  3. Working in conjunction with music arrangers such as Billy May, Blanc drew on his arsenal of characters from across the spectrum of studios.

Billy Ray Cyrus

  1. Emily Osment sang vocals in Billy Ray Cyrus 's song " You've Got a Friend " from his 2007 album, Home at Last.
  2. I mean, Billy Ray Cyrus is in the film, for crying out loud, and his acting is no more or less stiff than most of the other actors.
  3. Billy Ray Cyrus has had some success as a gospel singer with his album The Other Side in 2003.


  1. Billy Ray Cyrus takes leave of Hollywood, where he is appearing on TV as the father of Hannah Montana, aka as Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray's daughter.
  2. Billy, realising his father was now totally insane, fled and joined an anti-Cobra underground organisation, but Cobra Commander cared little.
  3. Known as Billie Burke, she toured the U.S. and Europe with a circus because her father, Billy Burke, was employed with them as a singing clown.

Billy Corgan

  1. In 2001 he started playing and writing with Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin in what was to become Zwan.
  2. Billy Corgan is a great songwriter and here he crafted a raw, gritty gunge-alt album that was so much deeper than any of the music at the time.
  3. His life story, The Confessions of Billy Corgan, was also published at this time, but was apparently never completed.


  1. Billy Bob Thornton has written, recorded and played music since learning drums at age 9.
  2. Billy eventually returns to Hope, but when he arrives, he finds his mother and Thomas dead, lying underneath the words "Call of Juarez" written in blood.
  3. Broad chose the stage name "Billy Idol" after remembering a comment a teacher had written on a report card.


  1. Wallace will make his truck debut, driving the No.15 Toyota for Billy Ballew Motorsports.
  2. Labonte won his first championship in 1984, while driving for Billy Hagan.


  1. During this time he also met the man who would become his first big-league sponsor and team owner, Billy Hagan.
  2. Born Dorothy Tipton in Oklahoma in 1914, and reborn as Billy Tipton in 1933, Billy passed as a man until death at age 74.
  3. In Juarez, Billy meets a man named Juarez, who reveals that he is Billy's true father.


  1. Billy Kidman then entered the match, pinning and eliminating Noble following a top rope BK-Bomb.
  2. At Judgment Day 2002, he faced Billy and Chuck in a "secret partner" match.
  3. Commissioner Slaughter: Hold the victory celebration!Now, it seems to me that every time you two win a match it is because of Billy.

Billy Cobham

  1. As a drummer, the propulsive Massimo is driven by a mad mix of Tony Williams and Billy Cobham.
  2. His drumming influences at this time came to include such notables as Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, Lenny White and Steve Gadd.
  3. John Scofield played and collaborated with performers such as Miles Davis, and Billy Cobham, and groups such as Medeski Martin & Wood.


  1. After Dreams, he worked with Horace Silver and then Billy Cobham before he and brother Randy teamed up once again.
  2. BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL is the joyous celebration of one boy's journey to make his dreams come true.


  1. Billy Sunday (1862-1935), was a professional baseball player from 1883 to 1891 for Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia teams.
  2. Tharp premiered her dance musical Movin' Out, set to the music and lyrics of Billy Joel in Chicago in 2001.
  3. Billy became a professional baseball player, a speedy outfielder, but he left the game after conversion by Presbyterians in Chicago.


  1. Three-minute masterpieces flowed from the minds of Ellington, Billy Strayhorn (from 1939), Duke's son Mercer Ellington, and members of the Orchestra.
  2. After three years in New York Geller joined the Billy May orchestra in 1952 and following an engagement in Los Angeles the Gellers returned there to live.
  3. When Billy Strayhorn joined him as a co-arranger, songwriter and piano player, their combined talents led the orchestra to even greater heights.


  1. Dorsey Burnette is best remembered today as the brother of Johnny Burnette and a member of the Johnny Burnette Trio, and as the father of Billy Burnette.
  2. Billy starts off giving his brother, 5-year-old Woody (cute Ty Panitz), a really hard time.
  3. Later, Brecker teamed up with his brother, Barry Rogers, Billy Cobham, and John Abercrombie to form the seminal-fusion group – Dreams.


  1. The son of Dorsey Burnette and Alberta Burnette, Billy was literally born into a musical family.
  2. Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, directs the agency.
  3. Besides being famous for being the brother of Miley Cyrus and the son of Billy Ray Cyrus, Trace Cyrus is also known for being in that band Metro Station.


  1. Billy Paul had a good run in the '70s as an R&B vocalist, though he'd been recording since the '50s, when he debuted on Jubilee.
  2. Billy writes on guitar, is an accomplished vocalist and some of his co-writers include Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs, Steve Dean, Brian White, and Rodney Clawson.
  3. Billy MacKenzie, vocalist for the rock group Associates, died in January 1997 at age 39 by suicide.


  1. The band, now with Melissa Auf der Maur on bass, who was recruited by Love at Billy Corgan 's request, toured extensively throughout 1994 and 1995.
  2. He also listened to a great variety of music, growing to love the likes of Billy Cobham, Elvin Jones and John Bonham.
  3. Billy Corgan has also assisted Love in writing and recording some tracks.


  1. People who say Neil Peart without listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra or more Yes albums can jerk themselves off, Billy Cobham in all honesty wrecks Peart.
  2. For any women who read this blog and might be feeling a little down, listening to Billy Eckstine will chase your blues away.
  3. One can hear the blues foundation on which Billy Gibbons and the band stand by listening to 'ZZ Top's First Album' on the London Records label.


  1. I agree, Billy Talent is not a punk Rock group, they are more of a hard rock.
  2. I tried the game with a few other characters like Rock, Billy and Craig discovered a new character that fought a lot like Eddie Gordo from Tekken.
  3. Rock was chosen to host the 2005 Academy Awards show, following in the footsteps of Billy Crystal, Johnny Carson and Bob Hope.


  1. Of the trio of musicians who died in the crash, he was the one mentioned in Billy Joel 's history themed song " We Didn't Start the Fire ".
  2. Seeing as how Billy Bang is the "melody" player in this trio, his voice quite frequently rises to the top.
  3. The shining example of this is the trio of Cedar Walton, Ron Carter, and Billy Higgins.


  1. Billy Taylor is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, educator, author and host of the NPR series Billy Taylor's Jazz at the Kennedy Center.
  2. De Mille was given considerable creative control, choosing Aaron Copland as the composer after being impressed by his previous ballet, Billy the Kid.


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