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  1. Billy Graham is a simple guy with a simple message.
  2. Billy Graham was especially com-mendatory of Catholicism.
  3. Billy Graham is probably the most powerful politician that has ever lived who accomplished more than any Pope or political leader.
  4. Billy Graham is an evangelical, as is Tony Campolo.
  5. Billy Graham was given the contrived artificial image of being a great anti-Satanist.


  1. We know a great deal how the Satanists took Billy Graham, the brush salesman and made him into the famous evangelist that he has become.
  2. Billy Graham being listed on many Famous Freemason lists done by Masonic Lodges until his Association used legal threats to force them to remove his name.

Religious Leaders

  1. The conference was called by a committee headed by U.S. evangelist Billy Graham and brought together religious leaders from 150 nations.
  2. There is a reason why apostates and carnal religious leaders are so enthusiastic about their support of Billy Graham.
  3. There are countless little things like this, which are evidence that Billy Graham is playing a role in the satanic mind-control of the Illuminati.
  4. Billy Graham-s schedule is filled with activities such as playing golf with people who are in the Illuminati, or are Hollywood types.
  5. You haven't read the testimony of Monarch mind control victims who were abused by him and had witnessed Billy Graham participate in satanic rituals.

Billy Graham

  1. We note one interesting fact- Norman Vincent in 1960, and Billy Graham later, were 33rd Degree Freemasons, while John F. Kennedy was never a Freemason.
  2. In this tract, Springmeier states, "Billy Graham took part in the initiation rites of Jim Shaw as a 33rd degree Mason.
  3. Billy Graham, a handler himself, helped launch Oral Roberts University, and is a friend of Oral Roberts.

Graham Crusade

  1. Pat Boone continued playing in Playboy type night clubs while he was singing at Billy Graham Crusades.
  2. Peale is a good friend of Billy Graham, and Billy Graham referred the largest number of new converts of the NY Billy Graham Crusade to Peale's church.
  3. Interestingly, Christians with discernment spoke about how hurting the churches were after the Billy Graham Crusade here in Portland.

Graham Staff

  1. Billy Graham, who is a programmed multiple himself, is exceptionally adept at managing his Monarch kittens.
  2. Billy Graham is also on record stating that people can have salvation through paganism (another name for witchcraft).
  3. Similar events may be referred to as "crusades", especially when a particularly noted speaker like Billy Graham or Oral Roberts is involved.
  4. How Billy Graham plays a key role in reprogramming Monarch slaves.
  5. Moyers went to the SW Baptist Theological Seminary, the same school run by one of Billy Graham-s staff directors.


  1. Ian R.K. Paisley knows first hand how powerful Billy Graham and his establishment backers are.
  2. Because Billy Graham works more with Catholics than Protestants Paisley as a concerned Christian obviously found himself learning about Billy Graham.


  1. At least, his letter to the editor of Christian News says that the Scottish Rite have a Billy Graham file.
  2. Founded by Billy Graham and first edited by Dr. Carl-F--H--Henry, CT celebrates its fiftieth anniversary next year under the leadership of editor David Neff.
  3. Billy Graham: evangelistic message (approximately 45 minutes).
  4. Folder 28-4 contains correspondence with members of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
  5. Robert Morey, while doing research on Freemasonry at the House Of The Temple, asked the librarian if they had Billy Graham's Masonic membership file.


  1. I have personally obtained from Schuller's Crystal Cathedral Church a video and an audio-tape of Billy Graham's interview.
  2. James, the brother of Jesus, told us the devils do even better than Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, and all their associates in lying.
  3. Robert Schuller, 33° Freemason, was helped into ministry by Billy Graham.


  1. When Billy Graham had a crusade in Japan, the Japanese minister that he had up on the platform was a well-known extremely liberal Christian.
  2. Billy Graham has placed the emphasis in his Crusades on putting liberals, even Catholic priests, up on the platform with himself.


  1. The Billy Graham Center's archives in Wheaton, Illinois contains the conference archives, including tapes of all sessions, and all documentation.
  2. In 1974, the BGEA agreed to donate funds to create the Billy Graham Center on the campus of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.
  3. Grason Company (started by Billy Graham and George Wilson) was incorporated shortly after the BGEA itself, in January 1952.


  1. Because these leaders are corrupt, they have been participating in the mass deception of the world about what Billy Graham does and who he is.
  2. Historically, Billy Graham's deception is one of the "greatest" deceptions that has ever been perpetrated.


  1. In Scotland for instance, a poll was taken of church membership one month before the Billy Graham Scotland Crusade, and two months after the Crusade.
  2. For instance, when Billy Graham came to the Portland area all the various denominations from the most liberal to the most conservative supported him.
  3. What we are seeing is how important it is to the Illuminati to keep Billy Graham's membership secret.


  1. This book is from Edgar Bundy Ministries, It is a collection of articles that have appeared in the public media on Billy Graham over a period of 31 years.
  2. Billy Graham, history notes from the Nixon tapes, complained about the Jewish stranglehold on the media and Jews being responsible for pornography.
  3. Billy Graham has repeatedly over international mass media claimed that there was no religious persecution under the communists, 2.


  1. A fifth area is concern over Billy Graham acceptance of Communism.
  2. The first area is doctrinal concerns by devout Christians, who have been deceived that Billy Graham thinks as they do.


  1. After Dixon-s secretary came to Christ she tried to expose Billy Graham-s connection to Jeanne Dixon.
  2. I begin this month with an expose' of Billy Graham who, except for the Pope of Rome, is the chief deceiver in the world today.


  1. Billy Graham-s Decision magazine has on its front page caption is "-Changed From the Inside Out," and displays an infinity loop on the cover.
  2. If the editors and designers of TIME magazine were being immature then lets turn the other cheek and instead speak of how much good Billy Graham.


  1. Taking up the bulk of the biography files are the files concerning Billy Graham.
  2. More from Artist Biography information about Billy Graham © 2006 through a partnership of Answers Corporation.


  1. By happenchance or God-s will, Fritz received a report from one of the women who went to church with Billy Graham-s wife Ruth.
  2. The son of Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Graham, he was born and raised in North Carolina.
  3. Lindsell was also a friend and advisor to evangelist Billy Graham and folder 28-3 contains correspondence Lindsell had with Graham and his wife Ruth.


  1. It was David Hill, who innocently believing in Billy Graham, arranged the meeting for the two men.
  2. It turns out the only clowns who were chosen to perform for the Billy Graham 1993 Portland Crusade were Shriner Clowns.
  3. Christians usually take for granted that Billy Graham is sound doctrinally.
  4. When Billy Graham holds his crusades, the churches in the area sponsor the crusade.
  5. They have probably done everything they can to pervert Billy Graham, so there is no telling what sexual sins remain hidden.

Graham Freemason

  1. In the next article, we shall examine the ramifications of this startling information that Reverend Billy Graham is a Freemason.
  2. There has been a growing dissatisfaction among conservative Christians towards Billy Graham.
  3. Billy Graham runs big operations all over the world under the disguise of evangelism.
  4. Long before I actually knew Billy Graham was a 33- Freemason, I felt that was the "most likely" explanation for what I was learning of him.
  5. A body language expert says that Billy Graham-s talks are simply canned.


  1. This will help show non-Christians, who read this, that Billy Graham is not really the Christian he pretends to be.
  2. A Christian radio show here had the author of Billy Graham A Prophet with Honor on to promote his book, which was done just when the Crusade was days away.
  3. During the show, Billy Graham told the American people we need to embrace the New World Order.


  1. Billy Graham's love affair with the Charismatic movement continues today.
  2. It’s s nice that men like Erwin Wilson are noticing Billy Graham’s love affair with the Catholic Church.

Southern Baptist

  1. It is no coincidence that the Southern Baptists of which Billy Graham is a member, is controlled by the Freemasons.
  2. Still, I doubt very much if Jerry Falwell would have Billy Graham, a Southern Baptist, in his pulpit.


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