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  1. Bisonalveus browni is an extinct mammal believed to be related to the modern pangolin.
  2. Bisonalveus browni is an extinct mammal, once believed to be related to the modern pangolin.
  3. Bisonalveus browni was discovered in 1956 in Alberta, Canada. (Web site)

Bisonalveus Browni

  1. Bisonalveus browni, a venomous mammal.
  2. The 60-million-year-old fossil of the mouse-sized creature, called Bisonalveus browni, has a deep groove in its upper canine.
  3. The incomplete skull and jaws of a mouse-size animal called Bisonalveus browni were found in central Alberta in 1991.
  4. GROOVY TOOTH. Jaw fragments and teeth from Bisonalveus browni, an extinct, mouse-size mammal that had a prominent groove in some of its upper canine teeth.
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