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  1. Wednesbury Parkway tram stop is a tram stop in Wednesbury in the Black Country, England.

Industrial Areas

  1. Most of the population is concentrated in the south and west of the county, in the industrial areas of the Black Country and the Potteries.

Fantastic Location

  1. The Black Country boasts a fantastic location in the centre of the Midlands, making it incredibly easy to access, whether by road, rail or air.

Black Country

  1. Abingdon became a key link between major industrial centres such as Bristol, London, Birmingham and the Black Country.
  2. Also information relating to the rise of Methodism in the Black Country, and links to John Wesley's life and times, and visits to the local area.
  3. The BNP has also gained council seats in parts of the Black Country in the West Midlands and in Hertfordshire and Essex in the South East of England.


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