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  1. The bowline is a very versatile knot.
  2. The bowline is a knot known as the king of knots because it will never slip and nothing can jam it and it can be tied in one hand to form a loop.
  3. The bowline is commonly used in sailing small craft, for example to fasten a halyard to the head of a sail.
  4. The bowline is used mainly to make a temporary loop at the end of a line.
  5. The bowline is an ancient but simple knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope.

Two Loops

  1. You get a retraced bowline if you tie a bowline, and then retrace it, putting two loops through your harness.
  2. This is similar bowline of a bight and then you end up with two loops but these loops are easy adjustable.
  3. Bowline Spanish The Spanish Bowline provides two loops in either the middle or the end of a rope.


  1. A Yosemite bowline is a secure loop knot.
  2. The resulting knot is a bowline.
  3. When this configuration is tightened, a bowline has been tied.
  4. It is more secure loop than a regular bowline.
  5. Like any loop, the bowline can be made into what is known as a running loop shown below, which causes the loop to act as the sliding part of a noose.

Knots Including

  1. Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group - Covers climbing and rescue knots including how to make a seat harness from webbing and the bowline-on-a-coil.
  2. Covers common boating knots including the Anchor bend, the Carrick bend, the Buntline hitch, and several variations of the Bowline.


  1. The advantage of the double bowline over the figure 8 is it is easier to untie after being weighted in a fall.
  2. The disadvantage of the double bowline is that it is more likely to come untied than a figure eight knot.
  3. The Figure Eight Loop knot is generally considered to be 10-15 percent stronger than the basic Bowline knot that is one of the important rock climbing knots.
  4. Double Figure Eight Loop A stronger loop than the bowline, this one is used by climbers who demand knots that do not slip.

Dutch Navy

  1. The Dutch Navy uses this variant of the bowline, because they consider it superior.
  2. A Dutch marine bowline is named for its supposed use by the Dutch navy.

Bowline On A Bight

  1. The double bowline is one of two typical tie-in knots used in climbing, along with the Figure-of-eight knot.
  2. The double bowline has a little bit extra to it a little bit extra loop on it and given that nice it'll give it that nice tight feel to it.
  3. The knot must be finished with a Bowline knot or something similar, like a double dragon.
  4. Bowline on a bight - A double loop knot which is tied in the bight when the two ends are fixed or inaccessible.
  5. Different from the double bowline in that the second anticlockwise overhand loop sits under the first loop rather than above it.


  1. The Bowline on a bight is a knot which makes a pair of fixed-size loops in the middle of a rope.
  2. The advantage of the bowline in this application is that the knot is easy to untie even after it has been loaded.
  3. Like the others the bowline can be made and then secured over an object like a post.
  4. The structure of the bowline is identical to that of the sheet bend, except the bowline forms a loop in one rope and the sheet bend joins two ropes.
  5. The Cowboy Bowline is a type of knot, also known as The Dutch Marine Bowline.

Double Bowline

  1. Related knot(s) double bowline, spanish bowline, triple bowline, portuguese bowline, bowline on a bight, irish bowline.
  2. How to Tie a Double Bowline Knot Now I am going to teach you the double bowline.
  3. Re: bowline vs double bowline [ In reply to] Can't Post A single bowline can (and often will) slip even backed up.

Bowline Knot

  1. The Federal Aviation Administration recommends the bowline knot for tying down light aircraft.
  2. The Eskimo bowline is a knot that places a loop in the end of a rope.
  3. Learn how to tie a triple bowline knot in this free camping video.
  4. Expressions using "bowline": Bowline bridle ♦ Bowline bridles ♦ bowline hitch ♦ bowline knot ♦ on a bowline.
  5. Watch a free how to video on Hobbies like the " How to Tie a Triple Bowline Knot " video at ExpertVillage.

Tie Bowline

  1. How to Tie a Bowline Knot Hi my name is Dan and I'm here with Expert Village today to talk about how to tie the bowline.
  2. How to tie a bowline and clove hitch one-handed.
  3. First, learn to tie the bowline by laying the working end on the standing part and twisting to form a loop (the "hole" that the rabbit comes out of).
  4. How to tie a bowline with an animated example.

Commonly Used

  1. Knots commonly used in caving are the figure-of-eight - (or figure-of-nine -) loop, bowline, alpine butterfly, and Italian hitch.
  2. The double bowline is commonly used by sport climbers who take multiple lead falls and then have trouble untying their figure eights.

Sheet Bend

  1. In fact, the sheet bend can be tied using the One Handed Twist Method which is also used to tie the bowline.
  2. If you take a bowline, and cut the loop portion near the portion that does not have the tail beside it, you will have two lines joined by a sheet bend.
  3. The structure of the bowline is identical to the sheet bend, but with one of the tails of the sheet bend connected to the running part of one of the lines.

Through Ring

  1. Since the bowline is generally tied with working end, it can be passed through ring or other object before the knot is tied.
  2. But unlike many other loop knots, the Bowline allows the working end to pass through a ring object before the knot is tied.

Bowline Tied

  1. The bowline is tied by forming a loop in the line then passing the loose end down through the loop, behind the original line, then back up through the loop.
  2. Running Bowline Bowline on a Bight A bowline tied in the bight, which forms a secure and non-jamming double loop.

Bowline Makes

  1. This unique feature of the Bowline makes it a convenient loop knot and a knot every one should master.
  2. The birmingham bowline makes a V-shape that simulates leather wrist suspension cuffs.


  1. The bight of rope is initially used to make a bowline in the usual way (picture on left).
  2. However, the bowline is NOT completed by going on round the standing end(s) and tucking the bight back down beside itself.
  3. TO see a pic of what you should wind up with, check the dog eared bowline as some call it, but ashley calls it a bowline on the bight.


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