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  1. Branicki is the surname of two aristocratic families of Poland. (Web site)
  2. Branicki was owner of Bialystok.
  3. Branicki was one of the most powerful and influential magnates in Poland of the 18th century.
  4. Branicki was one of the powerfulst and influentials magnates in Poland of the 18th century.
  5. Branicki was owner of Bia--ystok.

Madame Binetti

  1. Just as I embraced her who should enter but Branicki, whom I had left a moment before with Madame Binetti.
  2. I made up my mind that Madame Binetti had excited Branicki to follow me, and possibly to treat me as he had treated Tomatis.
  3. Xavier Branicki, the royal Postoli, Knight of the White Eagle, Colonel of Uhlans, the king's friend, was the chief adorer of Madame Binetti.


  1. When we got to the inn, Branicki laid himself down in an arm-chair.
  2. At half- past two I dismissed my company, and stood at the window to be ready to go down directly Branicki's carriage appeared.

Bia Ystok

  1. Several artists and scientists came to Bia--ystok to take advantage of Branicki's patronage. (Web site)
  2. Image:Palac Branickich3.jpg Branicki Palace in Bia--ystok His second wife was Barbara Szembek since 1732, the marriage ended in a divorce.

Jan Klemens Branicki

  1. A "high and mighty" lord, such as Jan Klemens Branicki (h.
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  1. An hour later Branicki called in person, leaving his suite at the door.
  2. Bininski came to where Branicki was lying, and seeing his wound rode off furiously on horseback, swearing to strike me dead wherever he found me.
  3. All at once Biniski, Branicki's bosom-friend, came galloping furiously along the road with his bare sword in his hand.
  4. A blow is bad, of course, but not so bad as death; and Branicki might very well have run his sword through the manager's body.
  5. Franciszek Ksawery Branicki ( 1730 - 1819) was a Polish nobleman, magnate and one of the leaders of the Targowica Confederation.


  1. Branicki (plural: Braniccy) is the surname of a Polish szlachta (nobility) family.
  2. The Branicki family also called the "Gryfici Clan" was a magnate family, orginated from Branice in the Krakow Voivodship.
  3. Branicki looked fiercely at me, and said wrathfully that he had come to fight and not to parley.
  4. At this they went way in high glee, to tell the news at the Court, to Branicki, to the palatin, and so forth.
  5. Branicki, who was dressed in a magnificent gown and supported by pillows and cushions, greeted me by taking off his nightcap.


  1. I heard afterwards that on the day of the duel Branicki had gone to confession and mass, and had communicated.
  2. If Branicki refused to fight I should be compelled to kill him, even if I were to lose my head for it.
  3. In five minutes the room was full of lords and ladies who had heard I was with Branicki, and wanted to know how we were getting on.
  4. I had never spoken to him, but he had defended me from Branicki's Uhlans, and had made out my pardon, so I felt bound to go and thank him.


  1. Next day I had shoals of visitors, and many of the chiefs of the party opposed to Branicki sent me purses full of gold.
  2. He died, however, before the election, and the leader of the party, Hetman John Clement Branicki, became the candidate.

Th Century

  1. For his 15th century ancestror, kasztelan radomski, see Grzegorz Branicki (1458) Grzegorz Branicki z Ruszczy (c.1534-1595) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic).
  2. Jan Klemens Branicki From Lardydar Wiki, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, title This article is about the 18th century Hetman.


  1. Her sire, Amurath Sahib, has no lines to Branicki or Sanguszko bred animals. (Web site)
  2. Often, Branicki horses will have names beginning with the same letter as the sire's name. (Web site)


  1. Branicki stooped as he walked, and gazed at me curiously, apparently wondering where all the blood on my clothes came from.
  2. I sent this letter an hour before day-break to Branicki's lodging in the palace.
  3. Count Branicki came up, and I left with a bow and passed on to Madame Caracci's dressing-room.
  4. Malta's sire, Handzar, brings in just a drop of Branicki blood to the pedigree of Witraz. (Web site)
  5. As a horse of Weil and Babolna lines, Amurath Sahib was more or less an outcross to the Branicki, Sanguszko, and Dzieduszycki stock. (Web site)


  1. One of the most representative members of the family, was Field and Great Crown Hetman Jan Klemens Gryf Branicki.
  2. One of most representative members of the family, was Field and Great Crown Hetman Jan Klemens Branicki.
  3. Branicki's family coat-of-arms ( Clan --wieboda-Gryf coat-od-arms).

Franciszek Ksawery Branicki

  1. His first important military post was that of an aide-de-champ to hetman Franciszek Ksawery Branicki.
  2. The Bialocerkiew Stud was founded in 1778 by the commander-in-chief of the Polish army, Count Franciszek Ksawery Branicki. (Web site)
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