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  1. Bread is a big part of the German diet, and usually eaten for breakfast and as sandwiches in the evening, rarely as a side dish for the main meal.
  2. Bread is a staple food for many nations, being made of risen dough of wheat or other cereals.
  3. Bread is a stable dietary component in Denmark, and this type of iodization gives nearly as good a distribution of iodine as universal salt iodization.
  4. Bread is the main item in most meals in North Indian cuisine.
  5. Bread is often made from a wheat - flour dough that is cultured with yeast, allowed to rise, and finally baked in an oven.


  1. A large number of products like: alcohol, beverages, bread & biscuits, frozen food, saffron, snacks, spices & seasonings etc.
  2. Using egg, spices, and bread learn to make an Indian version of French toast in this free video clip series on Indian cuisine.
  3. Popular dishes include the typical Turkish kebab, served in Antakya with spices and onions in flat unleavened bread, or with yoghurt as ali nazik kebab.

Basmati Rice

  1. The tadka, or spice-infused oil, is poured over the cooked dal and served with bread or over Basmati rice.


  1. Two slices of bread made from different grains: Corn bread (left) and whole wheat (right).
  2. Bread-wise, the Beiras region is in the northern tradition of corn bread as opposed to wheat, with some rye bread in the mountains.
  3. It is most often eaten with pancakes or waffles, but is also put on everything from ice cream to corn bread.


  1. Bread, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, tortillas, and grits are examples of grain products.


  1. When, in due course, it was cooked, the flesh, together with bread and other food, was laid before Declan and his following.
  2. Matzah is unleavened bread, made simply from flour and water and cooked very quickly.
  3. The naan, a tasty teardrop-shaped white bread is cooked in the tandoor oven and served blisteringly hot with (or without) butter.

Melted Cheese

  1. A mixture of melted cheese (usually Fontina) and wine into which foods like bread and vegetables are dipped, typical of Northern Italy.

Toasted Bread

  1. Toasted An aroma found in Champagne reminiscent of toasted bread.
  2. In Denmark a club sandwich refers to a toasted bread or bun sandwich with a filling of chicken, curry dressing, bacon, and usually lettuce and tomato.


  1. Swansea is a good place to sample the Welsh speciality of Welsh Rarebit - a dish of melted cheese spiced with ale and herbs and served on toasted bread.
  2. Break into small pieces, stir into one cup of hot cream sauce; bring all to a boil and serve in patty cups or on toasted bread or crackers.
  3. It is said to have started in ancient Rome, when a piece of toasted bread was dropped into the beverage.

Fried Bread

  1. It is a common curry served with Poori (fried bread).


  1. The Traditional English Breakfast The traditional English breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, baked beans and mushrooms.
  2. Sev Puri - A mixture of potatoes, garbanzo beans, yogurt and chutney in a fried bread.
  3. In India, it is often eaten with a type of fried bread called bhatura and is known as chole bhature.


  1. High starch foods are rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, peas, beans, and corn.
  2. These are slices of bread topped with beans and other additions, such as melted cheese.


  1. Example of this is Sara Lee and Wonder bread new whole wheat white breads.
  2. They are used as a spice in breads, especially rye bread.

Baked Goods

  1. In many baked goods like bread and cake, however, gluten plays an important structural role, and gluten containing ingredients, like flour, are necessary.
  2. Bread and other baked goods Processed breakfast cereals.
  3. Sara Lee makes their bread & butter with baked goods.

English Muffins

  1. Rye bread and sausage or sauerbrauten replace the English muffins and Canadian bacon.
  2. Usually I make egg sandwiches with English muffins or toasted bread,so this was a good change of pace.

Festive Meal

  1. We dip the bread in honey (as we did in each festive meal since Rosh Hashanah) for the last time.


  1. In practice, it is partaking of the bread and wine in the midst of the Divine Liturgy with the rest of the church.
  2. The seudat mitzvah continues with all guests in attendance washing for bread and partaking of the festive meal.


  1. Foods high on the glycemic index include bread, white potatoes, and pasta while low-glycemic foods include whole grains, fruit, lentils, and soybeans.
  2. All wheat-products, like bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, cake and pastries contain opioid peptides.
  3. It is extensively used for the application in bakery products such as bread, bread sticks, cookies, candies, pasta, vegetables and curry dishes.

Starchy Foods

  1. Eat regular meals based on starchy foods such as bread, pasta, chapatis, potatoes, rice and cereals.
  2. Starchy foods such as potatoes, bread, pasta, and corn must be monitored.
  3. Sugars, which are the building blocks of starchy foods like pasta, crackers, bread, and sweets, can build up on your teeth if you don't brush regularly.

Main Dish

  1. In most South Indian cuisines, a curry is considered a side-dish, which can be eaten along with a main dish like rice or bread.

Whole Wheat

  1. Examples of whole grains include oats, whole wheat bread, and brown rice.
  2. Oatmeal with milk on it is complete, as is peanut butter on whole wheat bread.
  3. The paratha is a whole wheat bread, also baked in the tandoor oven, and the poori is a fetchingly deep-fried puffy whole wheat bread.

Baking Bread

  1. Bancyfelin also has a family run bakery, which has been baking bread for around 60 years.
  2. Glutenin is responsible for the firmness of dough in baking bread because it increases the stability through a 3-dimensional network.


  1. Sacharomyces cerevisiae (Brewers, Bakers, and Nutritional Yeast) help us produce such popular staples as beer and bread.
  2. Bakers add lichens to bread to make it rise.
  3. If bakers differ in tastes from others, the demand for bread might be affected by a change in bakers' wages, with a consequent effect on the price of bread.


  1. A type of fungus called yeast is used in baking bread and fermenting alcoholic beverages.
  2. Some fungi, such as the yeast used in baking bread and the fungus that causes athlete's foot, are microscopic.
  3. Because baking bread and brewing beer depend on microorganisms like yeast, some molecular biologists work in the food and beverage industries.

Main Meal

  1. When served as a main meal - it is especially delicious when eaten with a kind of bread called "bhatura" - which is a deep-fried bread.
  2. It is spread over bread and served together with pickled cucumbers as an appetizer before the main meal.

Side Dish

  1. Serve hot or cold with Indian bread as a side dish.


  1. Lets look at the common habit of eating sweetened starches as in bread with jam, marmalade or honey, cakes, biscuits, muesli or breakfast cereals.
  2. After the war, he added to his business such items as cakes, bread, cookies, pastries, and assorted bakery products.
  3. Afternoon tea usually consisted of cakes, biscuits, bread and butter and tea.


  1. Bread may be scarce, but there is no lack of circuses for Nazi Germany.


  1. Naan resembles pita bread and, like pita bread, is usually leavened with yeast; unleavened dough (similar to that used for roti) is also used.
  2. Indian bread is known by various names, including roti, poli, paratha, dosai and naan.
  3. Often roti (flat bread) is used to scoop the curry without allowing it to touch the hands.

Whole Wheat Flour

  1. Try whole wheat flour, oatmeal or flax in bread and muffins, or add some bran or wheat germ to your meatloaf.
  2. While roti refers to any flat unleavened bread, chapati is a roti made of whole wheat flour and cooked on a tava (flat skillet).
  3. Naan: Whole-wheat Flatbread - soft bread made from whole wheat flour.


  1. Sweets consist of many original home-made desserts such as rhubarb crumble, bread and butter pudding, trifle and spotted dick.


  1. In a broad sense, kvas is any sour and alcoholic fluid made from honey, bread, cereals, birch sap, fruits, beets, or cabbage.
  2. Your teeth like fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, and cheese that give them vitamins, minerals, and other good things for them to grow strong and shiny.
  3. Chrysonilia sitophila is popularly referred to as the red bread mold that occurs on breads, baked goods, meat, and fruits.


  1. Rhizopus is a genus of molds that includes cosmopolitan filamentous fungi found in soil, decaying fruit and vegetables, animal feces, and old bread.
  2. Text: Rhizopus is a common bread mold.
  3. A more familiar present-day example of a zygomycote is Rhizopus, the black bread mold.


  1. Instead, Luther believed in the real presence of Christ “in, with, and under” the bread and wine (consubstantiation).
  2. The Lutherans held to a theory called consubstantiation, which affirms the true presence of Christ in, with, and under the bread.
  3. According to my limited understanding, consubstantiation teaches that one is partaking of the Body and Blood, and bread and wine, i.e.


  1. Traditionally, the consecrated bread and wine were held to become, substantially, the body and blood of Christ (transubstantiation).
  2. The Roman Catholic belief that, through the priest, God turns the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, is called transubstantiation.


  1. It is believed this tradition arose because bakers could not bake bread on a Sunday, so their ovens would be used to roast meat.
  2. Other additions (spices, herbs, fats, seeds, fruit, etc.) are not necessary to bake bread, but are often used.
  3. It is not known when yeast was first used to bake bread.


  1. Let there be given unto me vessels of milk, and cakes, and loaves of bread, and cups of drink, and flesh, in the Temple of Anpu.
  2. The evening meal begins with a sanctification of Shabbat made over a cup of wine, and a blessing said over two loaves of bread.
  3. Sampling Distribution and the Central Limit Theorem: A bakery sells an average of 24 loaves of bread per day.

Bread Dough

  1. Yeasty Often uses synonymously with "biscuity" and can describe a wine with aromas and flavor reminiscent of bread dough or biscuits.
  2. It consists of a flattened disk of bread dough, typically topped with olive oil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, baked quickly, and served hot.
  3. The crust is usually made of bread dough and sprinkled with salt before using.


  1. The biblical narrative relates that the Israelites left Egypt in such haste, they could not wait for their bread dough to rise.
  2. For example the gluten of wheat, important in providing the elastic property to bread dough is strictly an endosperm protein.
  3. Though it resembles a pizza, it is made with bread dough and the traditional variety never has a tomato topping.

Leavened Bread

  1. During Pesach and Hag HaMatzot, only matzah can be consumed, no leavened bread.
  2. In this explanation, matzo serves as a symbol to appreciate freedom and avoid the puffed ego symbolized by leavened bread[2].
  3. Ancient peoples have used fungi as food sources - often unknowingly - for millennia, in the preparation of leavened bread and fermented juices.


  1. Based on the biblical prohibition on chametz (leavened grain), Jews do not consume bread, cookies, beer and similar products.
  2. Karaite Jews are not bound by the oral law, under which "chametz" includes not only leavening agents but the grains from which bread is commonly made.
  3. This makes sense, because it was bread making at the time of the exodus that led to the prohibition of chametz.


  1. I mostly eat oatmeal (steel-cut), toast, bread, or english muffins (whole grain from the day-old rack).
  2. Can be spread on plain biscuits (cookies), bread, toast, pancakes, or just eaten from the jar.
  3. I've been playing with flax meal a lot lately, and I've developed this bread, which can be used in a variety of ways, including sandwiches and toast.


  1. Marmite is traditionally eaten as a savoury spread on bread, toast, crackers and biscuits.
  2. It can also be used as a flavouring for soups, stews or porridge, or spread on bread, especially toast, rather like Marmite.


  1. They select a sandwich from one of 10 categories, then choose the type of bread, cheese, spreads, and vegetables.
  2. Set aside. Build the sandwich by layering the fillings; place half of the meat, cheese, peppers and basil and tomato mixture on the bread and repeat.
  3. Get a darker bread, like a wheat or raisin bread or even rye, and use something like low fat cream cheese spread on the bread, sandwich in the fruit.


  1. Grill the sandwiches over low heat until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted, 10 minutes.
  2. These are bread meant for sandwiches and are served fresh from the oven with butter.
  3. A Family tradition of exceptional homemade foods including fresh salads, bread, soups, sandwiches & desserts in a casual, relaxed setting.


  1. The unleavened bread, which is "matzah" in Hebrew, is a very thin bread prepared by kneading and baking without using yeast or leaven.
  2. The ha-motzi blessing, a generic blessing for bread or grain products used as a meal, is recited over the matzah.
  3. Matzah became a substitute for the pesach because bread was already a symbol of salvation in the Jewish community.

Bread Crumbs

  1. Now, make some bread crumbs by blending the stale slices of bread in a food processor until fine.
  2. Matzah Meal Crumbs of matzah, commonly used in Jewish Cooking in much the same way that other cultures use flour or bread crumbs.
  3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper; add a layer of cold cooked rice, dot with butter; repeat and cover with cracker or bread crumbs.


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