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  1. A brigade was formed consisting of four battalions, an artillery battalion, and an engineer battalion.
  2. Brigade was located in Bolhrad.
  3. The brigade was transferred to the area of the Modlin Fortress and on August 13 joined the 5th Army under general Władysław Sikorski.
  4. His brigade was designated the 1st Brigade in the newly created 3rd Division and joined Scott's army in time for the Battle of Contreras. (Web site)
  5. His brigade was selected to lead the advance of John Bell Hood 's army into Tennessee.

Liangshan Brigade

  1. Upon the final establishment of the Liangshan brigade, the Cais formed part of the 72 Earthly Warriors.

Own Fire Brigade

  1. The borough ran its own fire brigade which was absorbed into the London Fire Brigade in 1965. (Web site)


  1. Here the brigade was in Major General Alexander P. Stewart's Division, where it remained until the Battle of Chickamauga.
  2. At Chickamauga, September 19-20, the brigade, under the command of Colonel Fulton of the 44th, was in Bushrod Johnson's Provisional Division.


  1. During the Civil War, Clingman commanded a brigade of infantry.
  2. Chapters are devoted to Clingman as a lawyer, politician, and Congressman, Clingman as soldier, battles fought by the brigade, and the four regiments. (Web site)

Armoured Brigade

  1. In my opinion it was callous act to launch a company and three tank against an armoured brigade.


  1. Because Armstrong's orders were initially unclear, a brigade of regulars under Brigadier General Winfield Scott proceeded to Buffalo on the Niagara.

Lightning Brigade

  1. Braxton Bragg's Confederates believed that a fresh corps was coming up, so great was the volume of fire put out by the Lightning Brigade. (Web site)
  2. An example of this was the celebrated "Lightning Brigade" of Col. (Web site)
  3. The men in the Lightning Brigade reflected the fighting spirit of their combative commander. (Web site)

Brigade Headquarters

  1. After leaving the Brigade Headquarters, we headed to the 4th Battalion Forward Headquarters, the atmosphere there was very tense. (Web site)

Harel Brigade

  1. During the War of Independence (1948-1949), he commanded the Harel Brigade, deployed on the Jerusalem front. (Web site)
  2. He commanded the Harel Brigade that fought on the road to Jerusalem during the beginning of the 1948 Israel Arab war. (Web site)

Highland Brigade

  1. The Highland Brigade is a historical unit of the British Army, which has been formed a number of times. (Web site)

Travancore Brigade

  1. Other Interesting Facts The area where the Travancore Brigade was settled came to be called as Palayam, which means army settlement.

Henry House Hill

  1. As the Confederate lines began to crumble under heavy Union assault, Jackson's brigade provided crucial reinforcements on Henry House Hill. (Web site)

Jullundur Brigade

  1. During this attack, Corporal Issy Smith of the 1st Manchesters, which belonged to the Jullundur Brigade won a Victoria Cross. (Web site)


  1. He commanded a brigade at Shiloh (April), and a division at Richmond (Aug.) and Perryville, Ky. (Web site)

Iron Brigade Back

  1. As Pettigrew's Brigade (the largest in the army) came on line they drove the Iron Brigade back. (Web site)

Dublin Brigade

  1. Preparations were pushed ahead for an armed revolt, and he was made commandant of the Third Battalion and adjutant of the Dublin Brigade.

Final Liangshan Brigade

  1. Du eventually became part of the 72 Earthly Warriors when the final Liangshan brigade was formed.

Tank Brigade

  1. By May 1940, when the German attack began, it consisted of ten infantry divisions in three corps, a tank brigade and a RAF detachment of about 500 aircraft.
  2. Initially commanding a tank brigade in the French 5th Army, de Gaulle implemented many of his theories and tactics for armoured warfare. (Web site)

Polish Legions

  1. At the beginning of WWI Jozef Kustron was fighting as warrant officer with II Brigade of the Polish Legions in East Carpathian Mountains. (Web site)

Confederate Brigade

  1. On September 19, a division from Union General George Thomas's corps moved out to strike at what Thomas thought was an isolated Confederate brigade.
  2. He was able to hold off repeated assaults by a Confederate brigade of Hood's division with his five relatively small regiments. (Web site)
  3. At 3:30 p.m., the Confederate brigade of Brig. (Web site)

Persian Cossack Brigade

  1. In February 1921, Reza Khan, commander of the Persian Cossack Brigade, staged a coup d'état, becoming the effective ruler of Iran. (Web site)
  2. The artillery with the Persian Cossack brigade at Tehran also have a few Russian horses.

Georgia Brigade

  1. A determined Kershaw threw his men back into the attack, re-enforced with a Georgia Brigade under Brig.
  2. Fighting began in earnest around 4:30 when a Georgia Brigade commanded by Brig.
  3. He had temporary command of Alexander Lawton 's Georgia brigade from September until November 1862, seeing additional action at Fredericksburg.

Second Brigade

  1. I ordered my Second Brigade, then commanded by Col. (Web site)

Entire Brigade

  1. To replace discharged regimental bands, brigade bands were formed to serve the entire brigade of a division.
  2. Meagher returned to New York from the battlefield of First Bull Run, obsessed with organizing an entire brigade of Irish regiments.
  3. At this battle, it was said that the Kurds slaughtered an entire brigade.

Naval Brigade

  1. After the war, Krüger first joined a naval brigade; in August 1919, he became a member of the Freikorps von Lützow, which he left again in March 1920.
  2. A Naval Brigade was defined as a body of seamen of Royal Marines drawn from their ships and landed for active service under the orders of an army commander. (Web site)
  3. The terms "Marine Brigade" and "Naval Brigade" are also used interchangeably in identifying this unit. (Web site)

Cavalry Brigade

  1. It was created on April 1, 1937 out of the Cavalry Brigade ?Poznan?.
  2. As soon as the British advance commenced Pope with the cavalry brigade on the right flank also advanced.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade

  1. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a group linked to Arafat's Fatah, claimed credit for the attack.
  2. Zacharia Zubeidi, head of the al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade in Jenin, has survived four assassination attempts by Israeli forces.

Jewish Brigade Group

  1. In July 1945, the Brigade moved to Belgium and the Netherlands and the Jewish Brigade Group was disbanded in the summer of 1946.

Nair Brigade

  1. The name - Nair Brigade, remained unchanged, even though Non Nairs were also admitted in to this brigade.
  2. Raja Varma also led the Battle of Colachel in 1741 which marks the first Asian victory over an European naval power with his army called the Nair Brigade.
  3. The Nair Brigade was the army of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore in India. (Web site)

Commando Brigade

  1. After the war most Commando units were disbanded, leaving just the Royal Marine 3 Commando Brigade. (Web site)
  2. After basic and commando training, a Royal Marine Commando will normally join a unit of 3 Commando Brigade.
  3. The Royal Marines' 3 Commando Brigade (part of the Royal Navy but including a number of Army units), also swept the mountains.

Bones Brigade

  1. Blair Arnot (born June 2, 1975 in Ontario, Canada) is a pro-skateboarder and was a member of the Bones Brigade from 1993 – 1997.

Texas Brigade

  1. Antietam was possibly the bloodiest battle of the war for the Texas Brigade. (Web site)
  2. When he was wounded at Chickamauga, Hood's last order to the Texas Brigade was in the spirit of the proud command. (Web site)

Brigade Commanders

  1. Once the retreat began, the burden of command rested with Edwin Sumner, Samuel Heintzelman, William Franklin and their division and brigade commanders. (Web site)

Brigade Commander

  1. Gen. Ector was wounded, and replaced as brigade commander by Col. (Web site)
  2. While serving as a Brigade Commander in Petawawa, Layton met Betty Sutherland, an accomplished painter (and later poet), while on leave. (Web site)

Youth Brigade

  1. Youth Brigade was also another, unrelated punk band from Washington D.C., who released a 7" EP on Dischord Records in 1981.
  2. The documentary details the ambitious journey of an early Social Distortion and Youth Brigade and a small road crew as they tour across the U.S. and Canada.

Marada Brigade

  1. In the north, the Marada Brigade s served as the private militia of the Franjieh family and Zgharta.
  2. On June 13, 1978, Gemayel launched a surprise attack that decimated the Marada Brigade, Tony Franjieh was killed in the attack.

First Brigade

  1. In July 1814, Scott commanded the First Brigade of the American army in the Niagara campaign, winning the battle of Chippewa decisively.
  2. The first brigade to attack, mostly inexperienced troops commanded by Brig. (Web site)
  3. During World War I he was conscripted to the Austro-Hungarian army and then to the First Brigade of the Polish Legions.


  1. Joseph Hooker, however, Buford was given the Reserve Brigade again, and he helped introduce the dragoon technique of fighting while dismounted.


  1. It moved to Pensacola and a few days after, it proceeded to Virginia and took post near Manassas Junction in the brigade of Gen'l Richard Ewell. (Web site)
  2. Using his father's connections Yuan set foot in Tengzhou, Shandong and sought a post in the Qing Brigade. (Web site)


  1. His locally recruited guide, who spoke no English, led the brigade to the wrong ford, at the end of a loop in the river. (Web site)
  2. The key element of the Raja's army was his personal army, known as the Travancore Nair Brigade or locally known as the Nair Pattalam. (Web site)


  1. February 15, 1944 Kaminski issued an order to relocate the brigade and Lokot administration further west to Dyatlovo area at West Belarus.
  2. February 15 1944 Kaminski issued an order to relocate brigade and Lokot administration further west to Dyatlovo area at West Belarus. (Web site)
  3. February 15, 1944 Kaminski issued an order to relocate the brigade and Lokot administration further west to the Dzyatlava area in West Belarus.


  1. London Fire Brigade is a leading user of the Minerva simulator particularly for training of senior officers.


  1. On 7 July 1916, with the staff of the 1st Brigade, it was redesignated the 1st (Royal Naval) Brigade. (Web site)


  1. The only staff officer for either the brigade or the division was a "chief of staff," who acted in a manner similar to a brigade inspector or brigade major. (Web site)


  1. It included the 56th (London) Brigade from January 1987 to 1993. (Web site)


  1. Sheridan seized the hill, driving the Arkansans back to the main line of their brigade, but continued to push across the creek. (Web site)


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