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  1. Bobby Valentino is a 2005 self-titled debut from R&B crooner Bobby Valentino. (Web site)

Bobby Valentino

  1. Bobby Valentino's ass-appreciation anthem "Slow Down." Despite the above criteria, it all depends on the moment.
  2. Bobby Valentino's Anonymous featuring Timbaland debuts at no.
  3. Bobby Valentino's 2nd single Seems as though Bobby V wants "Rearview" to be his 2nd single but Def Jam doesn't. (Web site)
  4. Released off of the Red Light District, is Pimpin All Over the World, by rapper Ludacris and singer Bobby Valentino in 2004 in music. (Web site)
  5. Discovered while singing on the bus, Bobby Valentino first made his mark as the lead singer in the hit teen group, Mista. (Web site)
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