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  1. Bracketology is the science of how to pick your teams in the tournament.
  2. Bracketology is a slang term for predicting the matchups for the March Madness NCAA Tournament.
  3. Bracketology is a way of seeing the world so that we can become more enlightened---about what we like, favor, prefer, abhor, or abjure.


  1. But bracketology is no longer a flippant matter.
  2. Why is bracketology not a class here at UCM? Seriously.
  3. It wouldn---t have happened if she knew bracketology.
  4. Amendment: also proposing the merger from Elite Eight and Bracketology.
  5. He is not bracketology (though I bet He understands the RPI rating).


  1. Bilas's comment convicted me of the "bracketology faith" to which I often subscribe.
  2. Bilas's point: with all of this "bracketology" science, one tends to miss the forest for the trees.
  3. Bilas's comment reminded me of the "bracketology faith" to which I often subscribe.


  1. He struggles against his bracketology faith about as much as he struggles with his March Madness office pool brackets.
  2. Talk of the Nation, March 12, 2007 · March is here and sports fans turn their thoughts to 'bracketology' and the NCAA men's basketball tournament.


  1. All I am saying is bracketology 101 should be in the Fall 2007 academic catalog.
  2. Bracketology puts all the statistics for each team together to decide who should win the tournament.


  1. I cannot remember a world without bracketology.
  2. Bracketology is our system for parsing people, places and things to determine what is good, better, best in the world.
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