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  1. Consultants are listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Consultants are engaged to provide technical assistance on specific issues when required.
  3. The consultants are listed here free of charge purely because they have requested to be listed.
  4. Consultants are generally well versed in legal and economic aspects of their work, and many are experienced expert witnesses.
  5. Consultants are trained in a suite of application software products, and work on customers- sites implementing and configuring the applications.


  1. UK-based ergonomics consultants.
  2. DAILY updates of available vacancies, KBS Consultants.
  3. Packaging consultants, systems integrators, project managers.
  4. We are associated with the national IEEE Consultants Networks. (Web site)
  5. CREA Consultants can undertake programming projects to develop these tools.

Engineering Consultants

  1. Links to engineering consultants in various technical disciplines.
  2. James Lupton Consultants are chartered civil and structural engineering consultants.
  3. KFA Engineering Offers engineering consultants for customers and jobs for consultants.
  4. CAD drawing services available. Technical Engineering Consultants: Sound and lighting consultancy.
  5. E49 Engineering Consultants Limited [Thailand] Architectural design, master planning, project study, engineering design.


  1. Executive search consultants specializing in the electrical and electronics industries.
  2. Bohan & Bradstreet, Inc. - personnel consultants specializing in accounting, finance, MIS, engineering and sales and marketing professionals.


  1. Industry advisers, consultants and engineers.
  2. CWA Engineers Inc. Engineers and consultants to the forest industry.
  3. D P I C Professional liability insurance programs for architects, engineers and environmental consultants.
  4. Graduates find employment as project engineers, management trainees, management consultants and accountants.


  1. Consultants scientists and experts for insurance surety and environmental claims.
  2. A dynamic directory of professionals, consultants and expert witnesses in over 975 categories of expertise.


  1. Consultants for engineering geotechnical dam safety hydrology and environmental services.


  1. BFBA Consultants We are electrical and mechanical consulting engineers.
  2. KKAI offers a vast resource of consultants, engineers and experts in failure analysis, project management, product design, manufacturing consulting services.

Engineers Architects

  1. Construction consultants engineers and architects.
  2. Baker & Associates - Engineers, consultants, planners, surveyors.
  3. Madsen, Kneppers, and Assoc. Construction consultants, engineers and architects.
  4. Quest Engineers & Consultants- Quest is based in Concord, North Carolina serving business and industry in the southeastern United States.

Consultants Ltd

  1. MCW Consultants Ltd is involved in projects across Canada and around the world from Hong Kong to Moscow.


  1. A team of professionally qualified and experienced personnel consultants which offer a recruitment service in technical and engineering industries.


  1. Personally assisted service to find consultants, specialists and experts in industrial goods and services.


  1. Texas-based forensic engineering consultants specializing in accident reconstruction and failure analysis.

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