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Final Season

  1. He left the IPHL because of the rough play in December 1905, returning to the FAHL, although he returned to Calumet for one final season in 1907.


  1. He then turned professional, playing two years for U.S. teams in Calumet and Pittsburgh before returning to Canada and the Montreal Shamrocks.


  1. Marie, Ontario and Calumet, Michigan, which even got Taylor to sign a contract.


  1. Alydar was out of Sweet Tooth, a notable stakes winner-producing mare for Calumet.


  1. Corbeau played for both Calumet and the Canadian Soo teams that season as well as Pittsburgh.
  2. John Sherf was born and spent his childhood years in Calumet, Michigan in the state's Upper Peninsula.
  3. Michael John "Antone" Antonovich (born October 18, 1951 in Calumet, Minnesota) is a former professional ice hockey player, and coach.


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