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  1. Chardonel is a pretty versatile grape that can produce a range of wines, from dry and flinty to sweet and fruity.
  2. Chardonel is a grape variety.
  3. Chardonel is a late ripening white wine hybrid grape which can produce a high quality wine with varietal character.
  4. Chardonel is a white winegrape with a Chardonnay character.
  5. Chardonel is a cross between the noted Chardonnay and Seyval grapes.


  1. The next most important grape variety would be Vignoles, but Chardonel is quickly gaining on it in popularity.
  2. Trunks of 'Chardonel' are susceptible to damage from low temperatures which may cause trunk splitting or provoke crown gall disease.
  3. Fruit clusters of 'Chardonel' grape.
  4. Bill Oliver agrees and pioneered barrel-fermenting Chardonel in Indiana.
  5. Jim Butler has a half-acre of Chardonel and likes working with this grape.

Cayuga White

  1. Table 1. Viticultural production data for 'Cayuga White' and 'Chardonel' grown at three locations.
  2. Table 2. Juice soluble solids and wine pH and acidity for 'Cayuga White' and 'Chardonel' grown at three locations.


  1. Produces a wide range of wines, including Chambourcin, Chardonel, Cynthiana, and Vidal, in Defiance.
  2. Brenda's Blush Wine - A semi-sweet wine that is blended from Chardonel grapes and lightly blushed with Chancellor & Chambourcin grapes.
  3. Our vineyard produces seven varieties of grapes including: chambourcin, chardonel, frontenac, concord, norton, traminette, and vignole.

Cornell University

  1. Released in 1990 by students at Cornell University, Chardonel yields a very dry, full-bodied white wine.
  2. Chardonel (Plant patent 7860) was named by Cornell University in 1990 due to superior performance in Michigan and Arkansas.

Seyval Blanc

  1. A cross of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, Chardonel is proving its value in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest states.
  2. Chardonel - This is an interspecific cross of Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay.
  3. CHARDONEL: Recommended frost-hardy French-American hybrid cross released in 1990 and descended from the Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay varieties.


  1. This variety also one of the parents of Chardonel, a hybrid-grape cross sharing Chardonnay as the other parent.
  2. The primary advantage of Chardonel is that it is more cold resistant than its parent and can suffer winter temperature that are ten to fifteen degrees lower.

White Wine

  1. Toast to the New Year with this very popular sweet, carbonated white wine made from Seyval, Vidal, Rayon, Chardonel.
  2. Chardonel, a dry white wine, was grown at Sunny Hill Vineyard outside of Pittsfield.
  3. And these days, Bordelon is very excited about two of those grape varieties, the red Chambourcin and the white Chardonel.
  4. INTRODUCTION ' Chardonel ' is a late ripening white wine grape (Fig.


  1. Detail of Chardonel grape growing regions, and Chardonel producing wineries within North America.
  2. In New York, 'Chardonel' is presently recommended only for sites with longer than average growing seasons, and moderate cold stress.


  1. It is made from Missouri Chardonel grape which is a cross between the Vidal and Chardonnay grapes.
  2. Chardonel: All Chardonel vines in the world are descended from one single Chardonnay seed planted in 1946 by Dr. John Einset in Geneva, New York.


  1. The rolling hills of the lower Illinois River Valley are the ideal location for the growing of Chardonel.
  2. Mary Michelle’s planning of Chardonel at the winery is the single largest block in the state of Illinois.


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