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  1. CJCA was originally owned and operated by the Edmonton Journal, and was later purchased by Selkirk Communications.
  2. CJCA is a Canadian radio station.
  3. CJCA was also home for the Edmonton Eskimos and Edmonton Trappers.


  1. For many years the CJCA broadcast studios were located on the 4th floor of the Birks building in downtown Edmonton.
  2. On top of the Birks building was a huge billboard of a tiger wearing sunglasses---CJCA was also known as Tiger Radio.
  3. Jim Hault was the longtime CJCA morning man.
  4. Their games were broadcast live on CJCA for many years.
  5. He came to Toronto's CKFH, then spent his final years at CJRT and AM740. Hal Weaver was a very popular CJCA DJ in the mid 60's.
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