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  1. Clean Energy is the leading provider of natural gas (CNG and LNG) for transportation in North America.
  2. Clean energy is energy that was created in a way that did not harm the environment.
  3. Clean energy is my final word.


  1. Of course his Clean Energy (NASDAQ: CLNE) is a solution to use natural gas to be converted to fuel for autos.

Radiant Energy

  1. Radiant energy, streams of energy quanta, is a more plausible candidate for clean energy, however (2). (Web site)

Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy is in addition called a clean energy as it does not produce pollutants or byproducts damaging to the environment.
  2. These clean energy resources include solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, tidal energy, and ocean thermal energy. (Web site)


  1. These projects are Kyoto Protocol compliant and generate clean energy and significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. DESPITE growing interest in clean energy technology, it looks as if we are not going to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide anytime soon. (Web site)

Climate Change

  1. So much for the argument that only climate change can seriously justify major federal investment in clean energy technology over other industries. (Web site)

Solar Power

  1. Since solar power is a clean energy source which has been around for decades, one might wonder why its not used more.


  1. Our topics range from water, recycling and clean energy, to mass transportation, local food production and political action.
  2. Abstract: Hydrogen represents a clean energy source, which can be efficiently used in fuel cells generating electricity with water as the only byproduct.

Clean Energy

  1. The Government of Canada will develop a strategy focused on ensuring that future generations enjoy clean air, clean water, clean land and clean energy.
  2. The best news in the fight against climate change is that business is starting to invest in clean energy seriously. (Web site)


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