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  1. Cold calls are effective ways to generate new business leads.


  1. This way they are not making purely cold calls, greatly increasing their chances of success.
  2. Now, in Lessons from 100,000 Cold Calls, this veteran sales pro shows salespeople how to cold call their way to success.
  3. See Complete Table of Contents Product Description Product Description Stewart Rogers has made 100,000 cold calls…and lived to tell about it.

Cold Calls

  1. Making direct sales calls, particularly cold calls, is a chore for most people.
  2. That's why none of our insurance agents have to make cold calls, and usually spend 90 percent of their time closing sales, not prospecting for leads.
  3. There are even cold calls that make you feel like you will disappear in a heartbeat.
  4. Due to the sheer amount of time required to make enough cold calls to get enough qualified leads, you will never make a high income by cold calling.
  5. In my experience, sticking with that sales script as your means of managing your cold calls is a sure-fire way of ensuring three things.
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